Novels and Novellas

The Woman He Wanted

ISBN-13: 978-1542537261

She was the woman he wanted. This wasn’t something Kellen Edwards believed; it was what he knew. It was what he felt the first moment he laid eyes on Bailey Green. It was like they’d known each other in a previous life and their souls had sought each other out, hers moving to Atlanta from Barbados at a young age, and his moving back to Atlanta after a hiatus in Baltimore and Louisiana. But despite knowing that this woman is his, fate won’t make their union an easy one.

His family life begins to unravel as tensions rise between him and his brother, and a dark secret shadowing Bailey’s life tries to interfere with their “happily ever after.” It’s not until a trip back to Barbados, back to the house where she grew up and where a mysterious man still walks the halls at night, do they begin to unravel the mystery that will either make their relationship last, or destroy it altogether.

A Fighting Chance

ISBN-13: 978-1535242479

“Syd…Are you in trouble?” Joel Lattimore knows everything about Sydney Donovan, not only because of the former boxing champion’s notoriety, but because over a decade ago, she’d almost been his wife. The Sydney he knows doesn’t take crap from anybody, so when he moves back to the DMV area where they both grew up, he’s surprised to find out that she’s in a relationship with a man who regularly leaves her battered and bruised. He immediately knows something’s wrong and vows to get the revenge she can’t get for herself. Unfortunately, the Serbian mafia tosses a wrench in his efforts, but he’s determined to not only dismantle the crime organization, but get his woman to finally say, “I do.”

Angels and Assassins

ISBN-13: 978-1517681456
Angels and Assassins

At first, it was just a favor.

This was a woman who’d helped him, a stranger, when he’d sunk to a level that he’d seen coming a mile off. He’d planned to drift through the quaint, endearing, and nauseating little town as he furthered his descent into the clutches of death, but she’d been there. She’d stopped him.

Then, it became something more.

She sees them as annoying letters. Obsessive notes that, like a fad, will eventually die out, but Gage knows all too well what they are. Someone with enough skill to be invisible in a small town was watching Tayler, waiting for the right moment to reel in the prey they’d been hunting for months. Unfortunately for them, Tayler was now more than just the woman who’d helped him; she was now his mission…and he had no qualms about resurrecting the skills he’d buried years ago just to keep her safe.

At the end of the day, as long as she was alive, it didn’t matter who had to die.

The Game of Love

2014-08-06 17.25.55

How was it possible that everything about this woman, every single damn thing he encountered, was so wonderful?

Professional quarterback, Austin Riley, has always been smitten with the lovely Sommer Hayes. Having known each other their entire lives, the majority of their relationship exchanges were sneers, insults, smirks, and jeers.

Now, ten years have passed since Austin last stepped foot in his hometown. He and Sommer run into each other again only to find out that they both share the same secret: their hatred towards each other had merely been a cover-up for the true feelings that they’d kept hidden.

 The Game of Love: Part 2

2015-01-11 11.35.10
With the events from the past few months finally dying down, the only thing Austin Riley and Sommer Hayes want to do is plan the details of their upcoming wedding to be set in Malaga, Spain. However, unbeknownst to the couple, a birthday party is being thrown at the Dallas Zoo for the little boy with olive skin, dark hair, and the rare golden eyes for which Austin is well known. A little boy with a mother determined to find a place in Austin’s life, even if it means forcing a wedge between a bond that was once thought could never be severed.

Fated: An Alpha Male Romance

2015-06-02 23.15.58

Ethan Stewart is the type of man who likes to get what he wants. Intelligent, attractive, and successful, he doesn’t care about straddling the line between refined and well-educated sailor. Coming from a background rife with poverty, he still manages to work his way from medical school to eventually owning his own medical practice. Despite holding onto a secret that changed the direction of his life, as far as Ethan was concerned, he had everything he’d ever asked for.

So, when Alexandra Miller comes into the picture, the attraction is undeniable. Instant. She is everything that Ethan loves in a woman from her beautiful lips to the curves she tries so hard to hide. She’s a woman whose background includes having the President of the United States in her social circle, but he doesn’t plan to be intimidated. What Ethan wants, Ethan gets. The problem? Roderick Hamilton—the boyfriend that Alexandra doesn’t quite know how to let go of. The other problem? Now that he’s tasted her, he doesn’t quite know how to let go of her.

A Very Special Christmas: A Christmas Novella

2014-12-05 16.52.35

For Noah Adams, there is one thing that is undeniable about Morgan Henderson: she is one of the most beautiful women that he’s ever seen. From her sultry brown skin to her luscious, berry-ripe lips, he can think of nothing else than to find a way to get to know her better. With loss so close to his own heart, he feels that Morgan could be his second chance at happiness. The only problem? Getting to their first date.

For the first time in her adult life, Morgan Henderson does not have the resources to stand on her own two feet. After losing her job in Miami and having to move to New York to stay with her best friend Ashlee, the only thing she is focused on is regaining control of her life…that is, until Noah Adams comes into the picture. Completely caught off-guard when the dark-haired, blue-eyed epitome of rugged sexiness asks her out to dinner at a skating rink, she politely declines. Little does she know, that day on the ice won’t be the last time she sets eyes on Noah.In the battle of love vs security, Morgan will be forced to choose between a terrifying, yet passionate romance with Noah in New York, or the assurance of her livelihood…in Miami.


    1. Having just read A FIGHTING CHANCE, I would also enjoy reading a complete novel about Mo and Giorgio. They appear to be an extremely “interesting duo.”
      Thanks! 👩🏽

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Really loving your books and style of writing. British fan who has fallen in love with the love story of Austin and Sommer…So, WHEN are you going to write and release Game of Love 3? Please say there’ll be a part 3!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. OMG I can’t wait until Kellen’s story is released!!! I even appreciate the picture of the characters ,they look like a real couple. I know that I’m rambling, but will Kellen’s story be released in 2016 or 2017?


  2. Will Roderick get at least a novella? I feel like his story could be more comedic because of he’s so up tight. He needs a strong woman to knock him off his feet. Oddly, someone a bit like Gia. I think he deserves to experience what Alle and Ethan feel.

    Also, you are an excellent storyteller. A&A was amazing and I loved Ethan’s arc.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I just want to say I absolutely love your stories. The Game of Love is my favorite by you. I love Austin and Sommer and little Olivia. I read and reread both books so many times I’ve lost count in fact I just finished rereading it again a moment ago. Is there any change of you doing a novella about the two of them so we can see how they are doing years down the line and what about Lincoln has he settled down yet and has Charles kept his word and made up for his past mistakes with his children? I’d love to know how they are doing these days……Just wondering and wishful thinking.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Nicole! Thank you so much! I am seriously considering it, even if it’s not a publication but maybe an update. I’ve started working on something because I love them as well.


  4. Hi K,
    Just wanted to let you know that I miss your books. I have just finished reading the game of love (1 and 2) for the third time:)). I think … :))
    Do you have anything in the works for 2018?

    Love your stories.
    Kind regards,

    Liked by 1 person

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