The Rules of The Game: Episode 001

Propositions and D*ck pics

Contains bad words and sex-y scenarios. For mature (18+) readers.

Sommer Hayes had met bold people before. Hell, working PR for professional football players almost guaranteed it. But this was a level of bold she’d never encountered.

“Come again?” she asked.

“I want you,” veteran linebacker, Matt Wilson, said. “What do you have to say to that?”

Her office door was wide open. Other agents and administrative staff bustled about. Yet, Matt wasn’t trying to keep his voice low.

“You do know I’m married, right?” She held up her left hand. “And you know who I’m married to.”

Matt scrubbed the blond hair on his chin. “And? Look, I don’t know what’s been up with Austin, but he hasn’t been on his game. I heard Dallas is looking to trade him.”


“I think they’re true.”

“Okay, you can go now.” She gestured to the door. “I suggest you find someone else to help you with your PR needs.”

He stood and planted his palms flat on the tabletop. “I’m not here about my needsI’m here about yours. I know they’re not being fulfilled right now, and I’m sure you’ve seen the ‘leaked’ photo of my dick.”

She had seen it. Apparently, it’d been released as some sort of “revenge porn” by his ex-wife after she lost nearly everything in their divorce settlement. The man was well hung, but dick wasn’t going to pull her away from her husband. Especially when that husband was packing more than enough to keep her twisted and screaming at night.

“That’s what I thought.” He licked his lips and straightened. 

“What the fuck did you just say to my wife?”

Matt turned. Sommer peered behind him. Austin was in the doorway, their sleeping one-year-old son tucked on his right shoulder.

Episode 2 – Parenting is “hard.”

Sneak Preview

His tone sharpened. “Just how many people have been hitting on you?”

“Not the point, Aus—oh shit!” She slammed on the brake. Standing in the middle of the parking garage, his build like a massive statue in her headlights, was the topic of their conversation. 

“What happened?” Austin asked.

She kept her foot on the pedal but didn’t put the car in park. Just because Matt didn’t have a history of craziness didn’t mean he couldn’t have a bout of it. “Matt, what the hell?”

The Bluetooth speaker exploded. “Matt?”

Matt winked, blew her a kiss, and walked off. 

“He was in front of the car.” She sped the rest of the way to the parking garage exit. “Standing there. Like a lunatic.”

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