Coming 2019


He is known by many names—beast, monster, grim reaper.

Raised to be an elite fighter, death and carnage is the only thing Giorgio Pozza has ever known. He was born to kill, to die. Nothing more, nothing less.

But then, he meets Mo.


On the outside, she is an assassin. A contract killer.

On the inside, she is warm. Affectionate.

For Giorgio, she is trouble.


Mo stirs feelings inside him he never thought he could experience. Feelings he was bred not to experience. After two days of unexpected passion in a hotel suite in Russia, he makes her a promise before they return to their separate lives: “I will find you.”


Two years later, they run into each other again, and he vows to keep her as part of his life…even if he has to kill for her.


However, when a quarter-million-dollar reward is offered for Giorgio’s demise, the man who has never needed anyone finds himself lodged in the heart of this warm, affectionate woman who sees him as more than just a monster.

She sees him as someone to protect, someone to trust.

Someone to love.


And, for Giorgio, Mo will kill.