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Moonlight Giveaway #2

Giveaway #2: What’s up for grabs? $15 Amazon gift card Choice of quote mug Swag bag – Armani code wax melts (Giorgio’s scent), wine glass charms, etc. Print copy of all the After the End stories. Have a main character in a book named after you. Signed Moonlight Retribution. If you’re already signed up for … Continue reading Moonlight Giveaway #2

One Week Left!

“Of course, Pavel. But what about you? Is there anything I can do for you?” The slightest hint of red bloomed over the bridge of his nose. “Watching out for my little boy is a request for me.” “But you also had something else in mind.” “I didn’t.” “Behavioral analysis was my career. On top … Continue reading One Week Left!

Moonlight Giveaway

I’m hosting a giveaway! To prepare us all for Pavel’s story, I’m hosting a couple of giveaways. Thank you, everyone, for the feedback I’ve received about the gifts/items readers would like. The second giveaway starts on Moonlight Retribution’s release day. 09.21.2021 Giveaway #1: What’s up for grabs? $15 Amazon gift card Swag bag – rum … Continue reading Moonlight Giveaway


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I like animals, Star Wars, quirky humor (not to be confused with vitreous humor), and any kind of creative media that deals with people finding love in an otherwise impossible time. I was born and raised in the USVI (St. Thomas); however, my family is from the island of Antigua.

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