Knight For A Queen – 3/31/2023

* OFFICIAL COVER* PREVIEW EXCERPT Gideon tousled Niko’s hair. “I don’t know yet. I would love to help, but I also don’t want to overstay my wel...” Jordan’s “Mommy” emerged from the doorway. “…come.” Slowly, he rose to his feet. This couldn’t be Anyssa. This could not be the sister whose law practice Pavel had described as... Continue Reading →

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Jonah’s Ghost – It’s Release Day!

We finished up the call, and before going out to greet Marvin and spending the better part of the night talking about Aubrey, I took a moment for myself. Maybe Pitt was right. Maybe I was delusional. Because, with no concrete evidence that Oliver Hopkins was the unsub I was looking for, tonight, I was... Continue Reading →

Jonah’s Ghost – Coming Soon

If you know me, you know that one of my biggest flaws frustrations is that I need a ton of variety in everything I do to remain stimulated. If not, I create multiverse upon multiverse in my mind & kind of get stuck there. Honestly, that's made me a headache of an employee in the... Continue Reading →

Time For Some Life & Lit Updates!

- 1 - I'll be bringing the Angels and Assassins online series books to Amazon.  However, there's a caveat: in order for me to put them on Amazon, I'll have to either remove them from my website -or- exclude them from K/U. Amazon's really strict about this, and I haven't made a decision about which... Continue Reading →

It’s Release Day!

The last person Miguel Reyes wants to fall for is Delilah Daniels.Of all the people in the world, this is who fate is trying to lead him to?His overprotective best friend’s younger sister? But he’s never felt anything like this in his life.Delilah could live in his blood, and she still wouldn’t be close enough. Together, they're... Continue Reading →

Breaking The Code – An Excerpt

Things felt too perfect, and it was the kind of perfect that usually resulted in neither of them truly getting what they wanted. “I do have a favor to ask.” His palm skimmed full length of her leg. “If I fail at this, if anything happens to me, keep your heart open.” She frowned. “Happens... Continue Reading →

Gage and Co.

If you've been to Amazon recently, you'll notice a few books of mine are missing, notably the Angels and Assassins series. Now, don't freak out... ...or is it too late? They'll definitely be back. There's just been a change of hands. The publisher returned the rights to the titles, so I simply have to republish... Continue Reading →

Breaking The Code – Coming March 7th!

A breeze tossed the lightly curled strands of her hair about. Once upon a time, reaching out to touch her had been second nature. Now, she wielded an invisible electric fence that threatened decapitation.  His fault. They’d had several months of bliss until she realized that he was purposefully keeping their relationship a secret. When... Continue Reading →

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