Single. Selfish. Asshole.

The only thing Benjamin Strickland has ever cared about is his career. It doesn’t matter how many failed relationships or broken hearts he leaves in his wake–it is all worth it to get the next latest scoop. So, for Ben, his latest story about the mysterious girl on an island called Oyster Key is just another step closer to winning his Pulitzer.

In search of her, he is cornered by a wildcat, knocked unconscious, and then captured. When he opens his eyes, expecting pain or torture, he sees something he can’t explain. A woman he can’t explain. And, for the next few weeks he spends as her prisoner, he develops feelings he can’t begin to understand.

The problem is, Ben still wants his Pulitzer, but writing a story about this beautiful, mysterious girl could not only lead to a complete change of her way of life, but also possibly her death. However, Ben has never put anything before a story…no matter how far he has fallen and no matter that he is caught in the grasp of a love he could have never written, even in his wildest headline.

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