How do you think Gage feels about Joel?

Respect? Strong dislike? Annoyance? I've liked their dynamic ever since Angels and Assassins. I think I'm going to explore that more. A Fighting Chance “But not now.” Sydney nodded slowly, giving her brain time to process. “I’ve never been, done, I…I don’t know what I’m trying to say. That was like, straight out of a... Continue Reading →

I’m having a Gage moment…

Angels and Assassins The doorbell rang and everyone in the room, with the exception of Gage, turned towards the door. Joel pulled it open to find Julien standing in the doorway. To his left, leaning against the house with his arms folded as though he’d been standing there for hours, was a man he knew... Continue Reading →

So, what IS Angels and Assassins about?

Guys, meet...Gage, my Australian, black ops mercenary who doesn't understand the meaning of diplomacy. He is a part of The Group---a faction I created back in 2013 that started with the character, Dez. You'll meet them all in A&A.

Another Excerpt…(unedited)

Another excerpt from my latest book: Angels and Assassins. Even though the next two books are going to be about Tayler and Kellen (Ethan's friends from "Fated), I wanted to introduce Gage as he is a part of a faction I created about two years ago. Dez was first but I'm testing you guys out with Gage.

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