Feelings Check In:

If you're a person who struggles with anxiety/depression/etc, how have you been handling things lately?  I've found social media to be a major trigger for my anxiety, primarily because what comes down your TL is not easily filtered. I'm not able to watch police brutality videos, and Vanessa Guillen's story, I can only keep up with from externalContinue reading “Feelings Check In:”

Updated Release Date: 12.28.2016!! [excerpt]

(Because I know y’all are low-key freaks, lol) “Why do you want to? Are you trying to run your fingers through my hair? You can’t. And I don’t mean I don’t want you to…you literally can’t. The way my hair is set up—” There was no use in talking. He was already unraveling the elastic,Continue reading “Updated Release Date: 12.28.2016!! [excerpt]”

(Working) Synopsis

Not long now, guys. I know I’ve made you wait a while! She was the woman he wanted.  This wasn’t something Kellen Edwards believed; it was what he knew. It was what he felt the first moment he laid eyes on Bailey Green. It was like they’d known each other in a previous life andContinue reading “(Working) Synopsis”

Let me just sneak this in here…#excerpt

“Bailey, if I can be honest with you.” He shifted in the seat, facing her. “I’ve barely been able to stop thinking about you ever since the first time I saw you. It was there, in Starbucks, my first week here in Atlanta. I walked through the door and you looked up, smiled at me,Continue reading “Let me just sneak this in here…#excerpt”

TWHW: Status update.

The Woman He Wanted is complete!!! …for the 1st round. Those of you who follow me know that I’m also an editor, so I go through and do several rounds of edits for my books before sending it to the publisher’s editor. I was the most diligent with A&A, and I expect that concentration toContinue reading “TWHW: Status update.”

TWHW: Another short excerpt

First off, isn’t this a cute picture? I found it on Pinterest from an article about proposal stories, but couldn’t find the couple. (Excerpt) “You might be lying to me,” Kellen said, “but I think it’s better that you do, at least for now. When the time is right, you’ll tell me. I hope thatContinue reading “TWHW: Another short excerpt”

Our experiences and how they change us…..

2015 was a difficult year for me. It got especially gruesome at the end to the point where I didn’t think I’d live to see this year. This is why Bailey’s character is so important to me. She is an amalgam of the many women I’ve met throughout life who have been hurt and haveContinue reading “Our experiences and how they change us…..”

The Woman He Wanted…(excerpt)

Bailey tossed up her hands and looked to the sky. “Why are you being so persistent?” “Why are you pretending to be so difficult? Look, if you’re really that convinced, why don’t you just walk away from me? Right now? Why are you giving me the choice?” She began to respond, but Kellen cut herContinue reading “The Woman He Wanted…(excerpt)”