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It's time to change the literary landscape. So if you're a writer of African American, Interracial, or Multicultural Fiction (or you know one), send us your manuscript here --> Click me! We look forward to meeting you. Alex

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They say that opposites attract, but these two opposites definitely repel. She owns a bakery, and is allergic to working out. He owns a gym, and thinks sugar is a sin. She likes cookies, treats, and is really quite sweet. He likes weights, protein, and is really quite mean. Will the stars align for Keisha... Continue Reading →

Excerpt (unedited)….

This is the one I've already shared in my reader's group, FYI. No release date yet for A & A 2, but I'm still shooting for a summer slot. Dez & Larke: After one last, quick squeeze, she darted up the path. Even carrying the large contraption, he kept up pretty well, especially since those... Continue Reading →

Art in Real Life – Real love stories

Jennifer and her husband are one of the cutest couples I’ve ever seen. After having met when they were stationed in Fort Riley, KS, both sharing a military background, life for them has blossomed into two children (ages 14 and 6), and an “ability to laugh and love even through firing bullets.” What is your... Continue Reading →

Have readers become less prude?

But I've noticed a shift. I've dared, pushed the enveloped a little, and in the meantime I've gotten to know my readers. Y'all don't mind a little dick in your romance (LOL) and I love you for it.

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