Suggested Reading Order – K. Alex Walker Series Tie-In

  So, I have multiple series titles and a few of them tie in with each other. For instance, The Game of Love is set in Yearwood, where Tayler (Angels and Assassins), who is good friends with Ethan Stewart (Fated) and Kellen Edwards (The Woman He Wanted), meets Gage, who is on the same ghost... Continue Reading →

TWHW: Another short excerpt

First off, isn't this a cute picture? I found it on Pinterest from an article about proposal stories, but couldn't find the couple. (Excerpt) “You might be lying to me,” Kellen said, “but I think it’s better that you do, at least for now. When the time is right, you’ll tell me. I hope that... Continue Reading →

Short excerpt…(unedited)

When she disappeared inside the laundry room, he went to the kitchen. As much as he loved home cooked food, he never made it and generally reserved that delicacy for visits to his parents’ house. It was probably why he felt like Mother Hubbard as he looked through his cabinets and refrigerator for any sign... Continue Reading →

The Woman He Wanted…(excerpt)

Bailey tossed up her hands and looked to the sky. “Why are you being so persistent?” “Why are you pretending to be so difficult? Look, if you’re really that convinced, why don’t you just walk away from me? Right now? Why are you giving me the choice?” She began to respond, but Kellen cut her... Continue Reading →

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