Breaking Grammar Rules like a Bada$$

I split infinitives. I use conjunction starts. I end sentences with prepositions. I'm married to the em dash, and I'mma stand beside it. I use fragments like it's a limitless credit card.

Giveaway Winners

Hi! I’ve chosen the winners for both giveaways, and I’ve already emailed you if you’ve been picked! Giveaway #1 winner: Congratulations, LaTasha! Giveaway #2 winner: Congratulations, Michelle!

Giveaway Ideas

I'd like to do a giveaway for the weeks leading up to Moonlight Retribution's release via my newsletter.  As a reader, what are some goodies you find that you like to get from authors?

Book 2: Moonlight Retribution

A First Look at Book 2 of the International Mafia Series Disclaimer: Unedited excerpt; subject to change. Mounds of dirt rose from the soft earth. Underneath lay trenches that had been made by small hands—nine oblongs, some deeper than the others with caved and crumbling edges and corners. However, though the earth was soft, it... Continue Reading →

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