Jessica Watkins Presents: Black Pearl by Tiffany Patterson

"He clenched his fists. Lusting after his brother's assistant was inappropriate."

Alpha Male Week 2015: Characteristics of the Alpha Male

According to, here are 7 traits that define an Alpha male. Click here for the full article. Helpful, but not condescending. Confident, but not cocky. Vain, but not conceited. Prideful, but not arrogant. Humble, but not self-loathing. Tolerant, but not weak. Dedicated, but not obsessed. Who is your favorite alpha male? Right now, I'd [...]

Alpha Male Week 2015

Two of JWP's best selling, IR writers are dropping new releases dripping with alpha males! Beautiful Prey 3 by Phoenix Daniels drops 6/9 and Fated by K Alex Walker drops 6/12! Don't miss a release! You can get all of JWP's BWWM releases sent straight to your phone on release day by texting the keyword [...]

New Book? (Synopsis)

Some people fall in love. Some are Fated. Evelyn Miller is convinced that her granddaughter, Alexandra Miller, and her granddaughter’s coworker, Dr. Ethan Stewart, are meant for each other. The only problem is, Ethan won’t make his move and Alexandra is too afraid to explore her raw feelings for Ethan. At least, that is until [...]