Angels and Assassins 1.5??? Wait, what?

BY  THE WAY…Joel’s novella is very closely linked with Angels and Assassins. It’s kinda like an Angels and Assassins and a half (maybe even a precursor) so I’m trying to decide when would be the best time to push it since after TWHW (and a short break…whoo!), I plan to start Dez’s book. Btw, theContinue reading “Angels and Assassins 1.5??? Wait, what?”

I’m having a Gage moment…

Angels and Assassins The doorbell rang and everyone in the room, with the exception of Gage, turned towards the door. Joel pulled it open to find Julien standing in the doorway. To his left, leaning against the house with his arms folded as though he’d been standing there for hours, was a man he knewContinue reading “I’m having a Gage moment…”