The Darkest Knight #6

He switched from English to Māori. “Go with them. I’ll come for you. You know I’ll come for you. What I can’t do, is lose you. Please, Mo.”

The Darkest Knight #5

Helmine sneered. She’d created Otto Wagner, one of the most powerful businessmen in the world. A man who, when she met him, had been a boy with stupid, dismal dreams about being a carpenter in Europe.

The Darkest Knight #3

They hadn’t seen the attack coming. The area, supposedly, had been secured, but Julien had picked up the missiles headed their way right at the last minute. Giorgio still didn’t know if all his comrades had been able to escape the roof and walls caving in on them.

The Darkest Knight #2

Mo grabbed a blade from the back of the changing table to her left. “Please step away from my baby,” she ordered. “I don’t want him to get your blood on his new onesie.”

Seducing The Boss

A Contemporary Interracial Erotic Romance Release date - December 16th 2019 At forty, Tamika Boone never imagined she’d become a walking cliché. Yet, the morning after a particularly drunken Christmas party, she finds herself waking up in a man’s bed. A man who happens to be her sexy employee, Carson Hollister.  And Carson’s fifteen years her junior.... Continue Reading →

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