The Last Book in the Fated (Ethan, Tayler, Kellen) trilogy…

Each book carries a theme of kismet: Fated (Being rooted to someone), Angels and Assassins (Right place, right time) and now..being destined to someone even before birth. Do you believe in destiny? Dates three and four had been a Mediterranean dinner and then they’d seen an impromptu matinee movie. Date number five had pounced uponContinue reading “The Last Book in the Fated (Ethan, Tayler, Kellen) trilogy…”

How do you think Gage feels about Joel?

Respect? Strong dislike? Annoyance? I’ve liked their dynamic ever since Angels and Assassins. I think I’m going to explore that more. A Fighting Chance “But not now.” Sydney nodded slowly, giving her brain time to process. “I’ve never been, done, I…I don’t know what I’m trying to say. That was like, straight out of aContinue reading “How do you think Gage feels about Joel?”

One of my favorite parts…[Mo and Giorgio]

“Shit!” Joel looked up. Mo was grabbing her arm, and there was blood seeping between her fingers. One of the men was staring at her from the other side of the cracked glass, his thick mustache cradling the satisfied smile on his face. Joel started toward her, but Julien extended his hand to block hisContinue reading “One of my favorite parts…[Mo and Giorgio]”


Sydney stood with her hands on her hips, still in her tank and shorts, waiting for a response. “We do what police do,” Julien answered. “Police?” She pointed in what she assumed was the general direction of the boxing venue. “Police don’t do that. The FBI doesn’t do that. Motorcycles? Escape plans?” “You ask thatContinue reading “Tomorrow!”

Mark Your Calendars: July 11th

“Syd…are you in trouble?” Joel Lattimore knows everything about Sydney Donovan, not only because of the former boxing champion’s notoriety, but because over a decade ago, she’d almost been his wife. The Sydney he knows doesn’t take crap from anybody, so when he moves back to the DMV area where they both grew up, he’sContinue reading “Mark Your Calendars: July 11th”

Angels and Assassins 1.5??? Wait, what?

BY  THE WAY…Joel’s novella is very closely linked with Angels and Assassins. It’s kinda like an Angels and Assassins and a half (maybe even a precursor) so I’m trying to decide when would be the best time to push it since after TWHW (and a short break…whoo!), I plan to start Dez’s book. Btw, theContinue reading “Angels and Assassins 1.5??? Wait, what?”