Did I forget to mention I wrote a story in this month’s Cage Chronicles?

Unmasked by K. Alex Walker (Excerpt)

Elias sent a quick call to let them know to shut down the room Sierra was in. Tonight, she would be the only viewer for this erotic, cinematic event. At least, with the exception of him, the stranger in the dark behind her. Ever since that first time he’d spotted her, he’d been intrigued. Her taste was already on his tongue, her scent in his clothes, and his dick hard at just the sight of that proper little ass twitching in that skirt. He was hunting, Sierra his prey, and tonight he would do more than watch. Tonight, he planned to have a taste of whatever treasure the introverted librarian was holding…



I’ve written about my position before. It’s my (usually) 9 to 5, a temporary position working in research. We’ve got a significant amount of downtime right now, so when i do have to report to the office, it’s to twiddle my thumbs or complete a tedious, copy/paste task to help out another part of our department. These are the moments where I ask myself, “Is this really what I want to be doing?”


No, it’s not.

The position ends 7/31/18. I’m currently in a good place with my bills and planning my 5yr total debt payoff plan (i.e. student loan emancipation day).

Will 8/1/18 be day 1 of full-time ZEC? I could do so much more groundwork with more hours but, as a human, it is terrifying. I’ve gotten dissent and backlash, people who don’t believe in me or what I want to do. I’ve hired an assistant who starts 4/1, but would love to do more with the marketing team. I have also enrolled in Computer Science and Graphic Design courses, and I’m actually excited about it.

How did you find the strength to step out on faith?

– Alex


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It’s been a while since we’ve done a giveaway, so I’m thinking this has to be big.

I am looking for the best Angels and Assassins fanfic.


Word count: 3500 to 5000 words (must fall within this range)

Main characters: Any couple from the Angels and Assassins series (Gage/Tayler, Gio/Mo, Dez/Larke, Huang/his mystery woman, Julien/Ari, or Sydney/Joel).

Submission Deadline: April 15th, 2018

Prize: $150 Visa Gift-card and first dibs on Angels and Assassin 2: Under His Protection

Submit entries via kalexwalker@gmail.com or info@zachevanscreative.com.

The winner will be featured on the blog.


When my schedule frees up some, I’m thinking about holding writing workshops. I am always looking for ways to improve as a writer, and maybe some of you are doing the same. I would love to share my knowledge of what I already know as a writer, editor, and reader. For instance:

“Thirty minutes later, we finally arrived at his house.”

This doesn’t really do anything for the reader. When it comes to the passage of time, show the reader what was done instead of giving them the exact time frame.

“The sun bore down on the back of my neck. My legs were already tired even though we were just a few minutes in. I’d already dedicated myself to this challenge not only to be healthier for my family, but myself. My weight had ballooned after two children and a bout of depression I’d never seen coming. And now, I was here—sneakers pulling slightly to the side, knees screaming in pain, and heart racing like I’d just spotted my high school crush. But, just before I was sure I’d collapse from overexertion, the familiar red bricks of his single-story home came into view. “

Would this be something you guys would be interested in?

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