Angels and Assassins

The Shadow – Book 5

Coming Soon

“You had to jump from a helicopter?” Xara’s mother nearly fell to her knees but was kept upright by the grip she had on the chair in Xara’s living room.

“Momma . . . ”

“Oh my goodness.” Tina trembled. “You could have died.”


“And with a strange man too. Xara, from this day forth, never go jumping from helicopters with strange men.” Tina trembled again. “I guess it’s fine since he saved you but . . . I’m sorry, baby. I keep talking because I'm nervous.”

“Momma . . . it was Mike.”

Tina, after a few additional bouts of trembling, went as still as a statue.

“Momma, it was Mike,” Xara repeated. “My dead husband saved my life.”

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