New Reads

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For those of you who may not already know, my father lost his brother right before Christmas. I originally wrote this story and wasn’t going to publish it. It was one of those things where I started writing one thing, and the next thing I know it’s set in 1977, the female lead is poisonous, the male lead is a blue-eyed redhead (I think Prince Harry has something to do with that), and he’s falling in love faster than I can get the words typed on my screen.

But then, I decided to publish it for my uncle and father. Do some good, you know? Especially with the rate heart disease is claiming my fellow islanders in the Caribbean.

So yes, this is me, K. Alex. I’m likely only doing 3 books with this pen name. And yes, it’s BWWM and can be read as a standalone. And yes, I think it’s good and sexy and lovely and…a refreshing departure from how dark I’ll be going with A&A 3. But my focus is back on Angels and Assassins. I miss my guys.

I love you all!