Grammer…uh…”Gramm-ar” 101

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Growing up, grammar was an extremely important part of my education. I am probably one of the few people in existence who puts semi-colons in their text messages. I was born in the Caribbean, and with a family end goal of eventually moving to the States and excelling there, I had to know and master the English language (not to mention that I have parents who grew up under British rule until the early 80’s).

Naturally, when someone comments on grammar in one of my books, I immediately comb through to try to find the excessive mistakes to which they’ve referred (<—see what I did there?).

Eventually, I will be obtaining a certificate in editing as I already edit/proofread materials & would love to help new authors who simply want to focus on content, rather than syntax or semantics. Also, I think that the world of editing in Urban Fic is very underrated. Dialogue is one thing; people speak as they do. Dialogue can even be arbitrary within the right context. Not everyone will understand that.


So…I’m transitioning…

And it’s not easy, but it hasn’t been as difficult as I imagined it would be. Around month three, I did have an “I’m done with this,” moment after getting severe tangles after taking down Havana Twists, but I’m coming up on Month 6 and I think I’ll make it.

So far, my #1 staples have been the “As I Am” Coconut Cowash Cleanser, the Shescentit Macadamia Fixing Gel, and water. Any other suggestions?

So…wives are not supposed to be freaks?

I touch on this briefly in my upcoming book, but this was a topic that I’d actually heard debated in detail on a morning radio show. A man called into the show and said that he’d been put-off by some of the things his wife wanted to do (i.e. freaky things), which happened to be some of the same stuff she did when they were dating. One of the examples was that she wanted to go down on him while driving, which isn’t really that freaky, but it was just too much for him. The most surprising part about the entire piece, however, was the amount of men chiming in that they agreed. That wives were placed on a pedestal, and there were certain lewd acts reserved for girlfriends, mistresses and “side chicks.”


Ethan and Alexandra: 2015

“I leaned down to kiss her, sensually filling myself with her essence while draining mine in the process. There wasn’t a nook in her mouth that my tongue didn’t explore, or an ounce of skin on her body that my hands failed to traverse. My head was light, my senses heightened. My nerve endings turned to cinder. The sounds of her moans enchanted me like Sirens, floating me towards her, inside of her until our bodies were joined at the hilt. What I’d assumed were still, shallow waters were dragging me beneath their perpetual depth…”

Jessica Watkins Presents

As most of you know, I am an independent author as well as affiliated with Jessica Watkins Presents publishing house, which means that I am part of a whole host of “sisters in scribe” writing everything from urban literature to interracial romance. Today, one of my literary sisters Xuri Foxx released her novel: “This Love Ain’t Loyal” which is available for purchase on If you love juicy and gritty urban fiction, then this is the book for you. Here’s the synopsis:

All that glitters ain’t gold; especially when your enemies are disguised as friends. But what happens when you find out too late? Then the real question becomes, “Does loyalty really exist? And if it does, how do you determine just who you can trust?”

Stanley was all Monique had ever known. Him and their daughter, Nissa are all that matters to her. But everything changes in an instant when Stanley is ambushed on the street and murdered. Monique is devastated, and unsure of how she’ll move past tragedy, she only knows that she has to.

Years later, when the worlds of past and present collide, Monique is forced to revisit the very place that almost broke her. With love and support from her best friends Kita, and Larry, she makes it through, but nobody…absolutely nobody…leaves unscathed.

When lies are discovered, and dark secrets come to life, lives are changed forever.

“This Love Ain’t Loyal”, is a drama-filled story of murder, broken trust, karma, and the worst kind of betrayal.

Hi all!

I’ve moved my blog over to WordPress to give it a try as I really like this platform. I’ll be putting a link on the page that will redirect over here, and will reserve that page for my book info. Here is where I’ll share my stories and other goodies with the world. I’m usually very introverted and reserved, so I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to talk about myself. But, I’m willing to give it a try.