*A Bestselling Amazon Series*

* * * * *

Some men fall in love. Others are destroyed by it.

When Julien Hunter is recruited out of college as an elite asset for a pseudo-anarchist group, he expects for it to be simple—the occasional challenge, a good payday, the stroking of his rebellious ego, and the occasional beautiful face in his bed whenever he has to go covert. But then, he sees her, Ari Johnson, and everything he’s ever known is ground into dust. He and Ari spend the evening together in her hotel suite, and although Julien knows he has to leave or risk compromising a mission, he can’t get Ari out of his head.

When they run into each other again, Julien is a different man, a hardened man after having spent the last several months undergoing a training to be part of a counterterrorism ghost unit. A training that nearly costs him his life. So, this time, he takes chase. He won’t let Ari go and nothing—no one—will stop him from making her a permanent part of his life.

But the life he’s built is dangerous. The enemies he’s made are focused only on one thing—exterminate him and everyone attached to him. So when he gets a phone call that changes his life, threatens the very world he is trying to build with the love of his life, he will do anything to punish those responsible…in the worst way possible…

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