Author Spotlight: Genesis Woods

Although she needs no introduction, this week's author spotlight will be on Genesis Woods.

Is HEA required?

I'm curious: Would you read romance that might not have a happily ever after for our hero and heroine (i.e. they split up, don't get together, or maybe even one of them dies)?

The Woman He Wanted is complete!!! ...for the 1st round. Those of you who follow me know that I'm also an editor, so I go through and do several rounds of edits for my books before sending it to the publisher's editor. I was the most diligent with A&A, and I expect that concentration to... Continue Reading →

TWHW: Another short excerpt

First off, isn't this a cute picture? I found it on Pinterest from an article about proposal stories, but couldn't find the couple. (Excerpt) “You might be lying to me,” Kellen said, “but I think it’s better that you do, at least for now. When the time is right, you’ll tell me. I hope that... Continue Reading →


Two years later, and I realize that it isn’t love. I had tampered and manipulated, using what was supposed to be a gift to enhance mankind for my own selfish, worldly pleasures. I hadn’t meant to control him, ignorantly riding on the waves of my own ego. But how dare he pass me on the... Continue Reading →


I can't believe I didn't make a post about this a few weeks ago! ::SPOILERS AHEAD:: So, before the infamous episode of the Walking Dead which showed our fearsome heroine and badass hero finally getting it on, I wasn't much of a #richonne shipper (<---I love this word). I loved them together on the show... Continue Reading →

I've been feeling better and better each day, I've been getting my energy back, I miss my characters, and I miss you guys. So, I'm back at it. I hope I wasn't gone so long that everyone forgot about me! So, what am I currently working on? I'm putting the finishing touches on Joel's short... Continue Reading →

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