WIP Update – Cover Reveal

She’s a spy. He’s her target. The day former intelligence operative, Eija Barrett, stepped foot inside Interpol headquarters, she’s had one main objective—infiltrate and dismantle the largest sect of the Russian Mafia, run by the renowned Yuri Sokolov, based in Moscow. Each attempt by the agency, so far, has failed. Nearly all the agents InterpolContinue reading “WIP Update – Cover Reveal”

It’s not the story you think it is….

“…everybody needs at least one person to fight for them. I’m not going to leave you alone in this world for the next thing to come along, and maybe Mika can’t be there for you because of Carson’s needs or if they have a child. So, although I know you can fight your own battles,Continue reading “It’s not the story you think it is….”

No Feelings Allowed – A Contemporary Romance

I have a full-length holiday release planned for the 21st of December called No Feelings Allowed. The main characters, OB Daniels and Samantha Norwood, are minor characters from Seducing the Boss, and it’s an African American contemporary romance. And yes to all who asked. The next After the End series will be Joel and Ayesha.Continue reading “No Feelings Allowed – A Contemporary Romance”

Elias The Wicked: A BWWM Interracial Paranormal Romance

Kerah “You didn’t answer my question.” I should have dropped the subject, but I couldn’t. My brake line had been cut, and I was on a straightaway down the slope of Elias Mountain. “Why not have her mother drop her off if it’s easier?” I blinked. In the split second that I’d blinked, his eyesContinue reading “Elias The Wicked: A BWWM Interracial Paranormal Romance”

It’s here!

At forty, Tamika Boone never imagined she’d become a walking cliche. Yet, the morning after a particularly drunken Christmas party, she finds herself waking up in a man’s bed. A man who happens to be her sexy employee, Carson Hollister.  And Carson’s fifteen years her junior. What was supposed to not go past the drunken party turnsContinue reading “It’s here!”