K. Alex Walker/Elle Alexander

Long time to speak, but I have been busayyyy. I'm working on several books. I am running a fast growing publishing company. Our family recently suffered a big loss. It's one of those unexpected losses that hit you hard, forces you to think about the fragility of life and what you're doing to maximize the... Continue Reading →

The Gift/The Curse

ZachEvans Creative by K. Alex Walker presents:Is immortality a gift or a curse? Marcusio is a man first and foremost, who happens to be an immortal. He was sired by Lorean, a vampire whose only desire is to be able to have him, no matter what the cost. He struggles with his immortality, craving death... Continue Reading →

Now Available!

They say that opposites attract, but these two opposites definitely repel. She owns a bakery, and is allergic to working out. He owns a gym, and thinks sugar is a sin. She likes cookies, treats, and is really quite sweet. He likes weights, protein, and is really quite mean. Will the stars align for Keisha... Continue Reading →

Step into The Cage… Where its good to be bad. The Cage is an on-premise sex club located in Chicago's chic, up and coming West Loop Neighborhood. Each month in this compilation of short stories, the hottest list of talented, best-selling authors will take you on an erotic tour through five floors of fantasy. Featuring:... Continue Reading →

Gio by Kenya Wright

“Get on all fours, princess.” I licked my lips. “That was only the beginning. I need you.” ⭐NOW LIVE ON AMAZON⭐ Giovanni steals hearts with his music, raising him to the top of Blue-Eyed Soul, and subsequently giving him a playboy reputation. But when his best friend and songwriter's life ends abruptly through overdose, Giovanni... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

A Second Chance Christmas is now available on Amazon. To order, click here. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah (belated), Happy Early Kwanzaa and everything in between.

Welcome, Kenya!

Hi everyone, I would like for you all to give a warm, loving welcome to the newest addition to the ZachEvans team, Ms. Kenya Wright.  Here is a little bit about Kenya: "I am a multi-published author of thirty novels. I have also self-published my own books, and ranked #1 on the Amazon Interracial Romance... Continue Reading →

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