The Litmus Test of Love

Hi loves, I have wondered, often, about the telltale sign that I am in love.  Don't get me wrong, I have loved before. He knows who he is (no, not you, him), who he was. I still think about him and even though things got awful between us, I tell myself not to focus on... Continue Reading →


Why is it that in the dark, even irrational stuff is crazy? Like, I took off my glasses, noticed the bathroom door was open, went to close it but then saw a figure on the shelf. My first thought? “How did a long-necked turtle get in my bathroom?” It was a box flap. Jinkies.... Continue Reading →

Farenheit 451

It is the temperature at which paper burns. I read the book (many moons ago) and just finished watching the HBO special. As usual, Michael B. Jordan did an excellent job of portraying a man with two opposing ideologies battling within him, all using the smallest shifts in his expressions. As movies do, it wasn't... Continue Reading →

When my schedule frees up some, I'm thinking about holding writing workshops. I am always looking for ways to improve as a writer, and maybe some of you are doing the same. I would love to share my knowledge of what I already know as a writer, editor, and reader. For instance: "Thirty minutes later,... Continue Reading →

Alter ego…

Beyonce had Sasha Fierce. How many of you find that you become a different person when you write? Maybe even when you read? I'm still trying to break that barrier. I still blush when writing sex scenes. I will use nearly every word in the book except pussy. It has made an appearance on occasion,... Continue Reading →

Have readers become less prude?

But I've noticed a shift. I've dared, pushed the enveloped a little, and in the meantime I've gotten to know my readers. Y'all don't mind a little dick in your romance (LOL) and I love you for it.

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