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The Litmus Test of Love

Hi loves, I have wondered, often, about the telltale sign that I am in love.  Don’t get me wrong, I have loved before. He knows who he is (no, not you, him), who he was. I still think about him and even though things got awful between us, I tell myself not to focus on those things. To try to focus on the memories that were good. There’s no sense in hurting yourself further if you know you don’t want to go back to that person, and you’re at a… Read more The Litmus Test of Love


Why is it that in the dark, even irrational stuff is crazy? Like, I took off my glasses, noticed the bathroom door was open, went to close it but then saw a figure on the shelf. My first thought? “How did a long-necked turtle get in my bathroom?” It was a box flap. A…box…flap. Jinkies.