Episode 005: My Wife, My Rib

“…Xara, I’m your man. The only thing you should be worrying about is opening your eyes in the morning. I’m supposed to have you for all the rest.”

[Update] – Elias The Wicked

Elias The Wicked is with the editor, so that means I’ll have a release date soon. It’s part of the Myths, Legends, and Monsters Series, but the series is an anthology series which means there’ll be new characters each time–each book is a standalone. I can honestly say I’m in love with Kerah’s personality. MyContinue reading “[Update] – Elias The Wicked”

To Love and Protect

Larke When I left my job as a federal prosecutor to start my own organization where I worked with private investigators, local police departments, and The Justice Department in order to find missing girls of color, I’d had buckets of fears but no regrets. I’d modeled my mission off that of The Innocence Project, usingContinue reading “To Love and Protect”