With A Kiss, I Die by Elle Alexander

At first, NY journalist Benjamin Strickland couldn't fathom putting anything before the next big scoop, spending his entire career shirking close relationships in order to chase a story. However, when he stumbles upon the mysterious woman living in the mountains on an island on the Caribbean, he soon begins to realize that there is much... Continue Reading →

I hope you guys have enjoyed these. 😘 “Love isn’t cut and dry. I mean, there are different types of love.”
 She rolled her eyes, smiled a little. “I know that, Ben. But, you are a writer. If someone asked you to write love, what would you write?” Jesus. He hadn’t even been this nervous... Continue Reading →

Meet Benjamin Strickland

He'll be your newest book beau. He's a journalist so that means he's witty and passionate. He's funny and relatable. He's also not used to not getting the girl having classically handsome features. No copyright intended. I would have tagged image credits but I...forgot...what was I supposed to be writing again? Ben's the rare redhead... Continue Reading →

With A Kiss #3

Studying behavior only worked when he understood the context of someone’s background, environment, or aspirations. With Roux, none of that applied, so he spent time watching her. He could waste hours watching her, both because he liked doing it and because he was looking for a way in. A way for her to trust him.... Continue Reading →

With A Kiss #2

With A Kiss - No: 2 Preorder Here Ben saw her hair first, tufts and curls of blue cotton candy, before the rest of her appeared. She was always wearing brown. The outfits changed—a dress, a midriff baring top and skirt—but they were always brown. She looked naked until she was close enough for him... Continue Reading →


I'm really liking how this story is coming along. I believe we have found a rhythm. Note: This ain't sweet. What is your preference: Sweet romance or Suspenseful romance?

Julien Meets Ari

#noreleasedateyet She looked away again, hiding another smile. “Wow. You’re like something straight from a romance novel.”   “Charming?”   “Corny…as…hell.”   A laugh, deeper this time, rumbled from the pits of Julien’s stomach. “What do I call you?”   They walked toward her table, her arm secured in his elbow while her opposite hand... Continue Reading →

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