It’s Release Day!

The last person Miguel Reyes wants to fall for is Delilah Daniels.Of all the people in the world, this is who fate is trying to lead him to?His overprotective best friend’s younger sister? But he’s never felt anything like this in his life.Delilah could live in his blood, and she still wouldn’t be close enough. Together, they’reContinue reading “It’s Release Day!”

Breaking The Code – An Excerpt

Things felt too perfect, and it was the kind of perfect that usually resulted in neither of them truly getting what they wanted. “I do have a favor to ask.” His palm skimmed full length of her leg. “If I fail at this, if anything happens to me, keep your heart open.” She frowned. “HappensContinue reading “Breaking The Code – An Excerpt”

Breaking The Code – Coming March 7th!

A breeze tossed the lightly curled strands of her hair about. Once upon a time, reaching out to touch her had been second nature. Now, she wielded an invisible electric fence that threatened decapitation.  His fault. They’d had several months of bliss until she realized that he was purposefully keeping their relationship a secret. WhenContinue reading “Breaking The Code – Coming March 7th!”

WIP: Breaking The Code

I’ll be doing the cover reveal for Breaking the Code in January. She swiveled back to the laptop. As her fingers flew over the keyboard, he leaned his elbow on the desktop and watched her type while flipping through responses in his brain. He couldn’t believe more than fifteen years had passed since the fourContinue reading “WIP: Breaking The Code”