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Category: Angels and Assassins

The Anarchist: Chapter 9

Ghost Unit Location: [confidential] Survival Training Asset(s): [Confidential] Mission objective: Project Hope   Year: 2009 If there were any muscles in his body that weren’t sore, Julien couldn’t feel them. Even the ones that moved his eyeballs around in his head moaned in pain every morning he opened his eyes. It had been months since the incident at the market. Months since the last time he’d had a chance to sit down, rest, eat a warm meal, take a warm shower. Since then, it had been mission after mission after… Read more The Anarchist: Chapter 9

Thank you!

As usual, thank you all so much for your support with my writing and releases. I appreciate you all riding with me for the long haul.


Did you guys know “Angels and Assassins 1” went through seven rewrites before publication? I literally got to 55K words and erased everything because I hadn’t hit on Gage and… Read more Dez…