The Shadow

The Shadow is officially with the publisher, which means I'll have the release date details for you soon. Since I've gotten this question a few times, as it currently stands, I don't have any plans in the works for a Curtis book. However, I do have one for Joel that will include elements from Curtis' [...]



REPOST WHO'S READY? Pozza took a step toward her. “Stop.” She tightened her grip on the gun. “Don’t come any closer.” He didn’t listen. She didn’t lower the gun, but she didn’t shoot. And now, tremors of lust were running through her at the most inopportune time—as she watched death slowly approach until it was [...]


Did you guys know "Angels and Assassins 1" went through seven rewrites before publication? I literally got to 55K words and erased everything because I hadn't hit on Gage and Tayler's dynamic the way I saw it in my head. There were ten for "The Woman He Wanted." Both times I wasn't working, so I [...]