One Day Left!

One more day before The Darkest Knight returns to regular price 🖤🖤🖤

Gage and Co.

If you've been to Amazon recently, you'll notice a few books of mine are missing, notably the Angels and Assassins series. Now, don't freak out... ...or is it too late? They'll definitely be back. There's just been a change of hands. The publisher returned the rights to the titles, so I simply have to republish... Continue Reading →

Some Angels and Assassins Fun

Can you guess who's who? This is difficult. I know it is since it was not very easy finding pictures close to the muse(s) in my head. I came as close as I possibly could. However, I'm curious as to whether anyone can get/guess these in the right order. If you can, I've got a... Continue Reading →

Sorry for the confusion!

But Joel has a book! I didn't realize how long I've had this series, but that's where Joel and Sydney come in. It came out in July of 2016! Click the picture to be taken directly to the link. If I can ask you guys one favor: Please find me a man so I can... Continue Reading →

An Assassin Guide

Hi, I was asked about releasing some sort of guide/folio/compendium to keep up with the Angels and Assassins characters. I've actually never done one of these. Also, since I created them, it's easier for me to keep them all in my head about who's who and what child goes where.  So, what would be most... Continue Reading →

The Shadow

The Shadow is officially with the publisher, which means I'll have the release date details for you soon. Since I've gotten this question a few times, as it currently stands, I don't have any plans in the works for a Curtis book. However, I do have one for Joel that will include elements from Curtis'... Continue Reading →

The Darkest Knight – Online Series

My "After The End" online series returns in one week with the newest installment: The Darkest Knight. “You think to leave you, Bez, is easy?” His brow rose, pushing the scar that slashed through it into his hairline. “I do not like to be away from you.” Mo played with one of Aleksi’s little feet,... Continue Reading →


REPOST WHO'S READY? Pozza took a step toward her. “Stop.” She tightened her grip on the gun. “Don’t come any closer.” He didn’t listen. She didn’t lower the gun, but she didn’t shoot. And now, tremors of lust were running through her at the most inopportune time—as she watched death slowly approach until it was... Continue Reading →

They breezed through the guest line…

and the minute they entered the large ballroom where the auction was being held, champagne flutes were shoved in their faces. Giorgio refused, but between the time they left the grand entrance and made it to the center of the room, Mo had already downed two glasses. “IDing him should be relatively easy.” She set... Continue Reading →

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