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An Angels and Assassins Novel

Joel Lattimore knows everything about Sydney Donovan, not only because of the former boxing champion’s notoriety, but because over a decade ago, she’d almost been his wife. The Sydney he knows usually doesn’t take crap from anybody, so when he moves back to the DMV area where they both grew up, he’s surprised to find out that she’s in a relationship with a man who regularly leaves her battered and bruised…until he finds out the reason why.

He immediately vows to get the revenge she can’t get for herself. Unfortunately, the Serbian mafia tosses a wrench in his efforts, and things get shady with his connections in the FBI. Serbian pockets run deep, and he no longer knows who to trust. So, in order to dismantle the Balkan crime organization and finally get his woman to say, “I do,” he enlists the help of some friends he met in North Carolina; men who operate without sanctions and are some of the deadliest he’s ever seen.

Exactly what he needs to carry out his mission.


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