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What’s Next?

Myths, Legends, and Monsters is a new anthology series by Bestselling Author, K. Alex Walker, debuting in late 2019 focusing on mythical Samoan Warriors, African Gods & Goddesses, Greek Monsters…and so much more. Book One will feature Mataio, Polynesian God of the Underworld and Tia Coleman, the woman prophesied to be his ultimate weakness.

Dream Interpretation

Do you believe dreams have meaning? But it’s not necessarily in the prophetic sense. My take on it is, we are all exposed to many of the same symbols. The ocean and the color blue often mean serenity. Green can mean money or jealousy. These symbols are part of our daily life and can be found woven in our favorite pieces of literature. It would make sense (right?) for the brain to take these same symbols and mold them like Play-Doh while we sleep in order to give them form… Read more Dream Interpretation

Hello, Shirley? This is Anxiety.

anxiety (noun)   a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome   * * * * *   Anxiety affects many people. However, many of us, when we think of it, see a room filled with the well-adjusted and cocksure. People who would never and have never doubted themselves, second-guessed themselves, or made a mistake. People who have never so much as taken medication to control the racing thoughts, quell the marching band in their chest, stop the pools of… Read more Hello, Shirley? This is Anxiety.