The Darkest Knight #1

Mo played with one of Aleksi’s little feet, keeping a count in her head of how much more tummy time he had left. “I know this.” She put on her best a Russian accent. “I was trying to make better.” He smiled. “You want other baby.” “Not so soon.” “Your mouth saying Russian words, using Russian tongue . . . it will give you other baby.”

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The Darkest Knight – Update

Hi loves! Things . . . are . . . crazy. I don't know if you're like me and feel sort of stuck in this weird "don't panic" and "you're not panicking enough" limbo, but that's where I am. With everything that's been going on, I hope everyone is doing all right, washing their hands,... Continue Reading →

The Darkest Knight #9

Bodies fell around him, courtesy of Gage’s deadly accuracy. Somewhere. Someone stepped into his path and Giorgio whipped the blade through the air, not caring on which part of the body it landed.

The Darkest Knight #8

He was not a normal man nor would he pretend to be. He was a deviant. A demon. A miscreation borne from a mother he would never know and a father who'd spilled evil with each release of his seed.

The Darkest Knight #7

The table she was lying on felt made of metal, surgical instruments were on a counter next to where the man worked, and a light at the end of a flexible tube was pointed between her legs. She needed to get to those surgical tools. All she required was something that could cut through the leather on her arms and then pierce human flesh. An eyeball

The Darkest Knight #6

He rushed toward her, pushed her aside, and swiped the machete across the chest of someone who’d been coming up behind her. Before that person had a chance to fall, he’d already removed a throwing knife from his belt and tossed it. It landed with a thud and a groan in the shadows.

The Darkest Knight #5

Helmine sneered. She’d created Otto Wagner, one of the most powerful businessmen in the world. A man who, when she met him, had been a boy with stupid, dismal dreams about being a carpenter in Europe.

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