On today's episode of Alex's TMI Chronicles... *insert Law and Order sound* Me: (staring at guy) Him: “Hi.” Me: “Oh! Hi. Sorry about that. You’re very attractive.” Him: “Really?” Me: “Yes, you’re lovely.” (Starts to walk away) Him: “So...” Me: (panics) Him: “What’s your name?” Me: (sweat) “Alex." Him: “You’re cute.” Me: (hyperventilates) “Oh?” Him: … Continue reading Is…this…anxiety?

Writing 101: Welcome To The Classroom

As an editor, I very often receive questions from authors/writers about always and never. Always and never really don't have much of a role in creative writing. I mean, there are a few: Never write run-on sentences. Always distinguish which character is speaking. But when it comes to formatting memories and flashbacks, it isn't necessary … Continue reading Writing 101: Welcome To The Classroom