Moonlight Giveaway

I’m hosting a giveaway! To prepare us all for Pavel’s story, I’m hosting a couple of giveaways. Thank you, everyone, for the feedback I’ve received about the gifts/items readers would like. The second giveaway starts on Moonlight Retribution’s release day. 09.21.2021 Giveaway #1: What’s up for grabs? $15 Amazon gift card Swag bag – rumContinue reading “Moonlight Giveaway”

Book 2: Moonlight Retribution

A First Look at Book 2 of the International Mafia Series Disclaimer: Unedited excerpt; subject to change. Mounds of dirt rose from the soft earth. Underneath lay trenches that had been made by small hands—nine oblongs, some deeper than the others with caved and crumbling edges and corners. However, though the earth was soft, itContinue reading “Book 2: Moonlight Retribution”

International Series – Book II

I did, however, include those names for a reason. * * * * * I’ll also be holding a cover model contest starting this Friday because 1) it’ll probably be fun; 2) I’m tangled in a mental relationship with Dom’s cover model and need help seeing other men; 3) I’m curious about how everyone elseContinue reading “International Series – Book II”