Angels and Assassins Info and Updates


Mo smiled. “Good.”

“What are you, like his wife or something? It would make sense for Pozza to have a crazy ass wi—”

Giorgio kicked the chair again, sending it crashing again. Taste turned his head to the side at the last minute, smacking his cheekbone against the wood. He cried out on impact, tears streaming down his cheeks when Mo righted the chair.

“We need the information first, Gio,” she warned. “You’re about to knock the sense right out of him.”

There was no emotion, no reaction on Giorgio’s part.

“What did you tell Casanova?” she asked.

Taste sucked in a deep breath, almost as if he was considering withholding information, but then he looked up into Giorgio’s stare.

“I told him y’all was coming. To be on the lookout, maybe go into hiding. He wouldn’t do that, though. Said he’s not scared of Pozza, but he’s bullshitting. Everybody’s scared of that damn beast.”

Mo swiped an elbow across his jaw. “He’s not a beast. You guys are just pussies.”

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