I am just a romance-loving writing junkie whose primary aspiration is to spend a considerable amount of time crafting stories on mah Macbook. I still can’t believe I’m a bestselling author of one book much less multiple, and that I’ve started my own publishing company. It feels surreal, the ability to share your gift and passion with others and help those who have the same aspirations get where they need to be. It’s a humbling experience, but you guys knew that. I always tell you how much I appreciate you for your kind words and checking in when I “go dark.” (Stole that from A&A 1). I hope to continue to bring you guys unique yet interesting, entertaining, and sexy fiction.


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  1. Hello! I just discovered your books when I got notice of A&A 2 being released. I just read A&A and LOVED it but was a little lost cause there were characters who were introduced in earlier books. Fated and The Game of Love books are hard to find at a reasonable cost. Would you know where I can purchase at release cost? Thanks much in advance.


    1. Hi. It’s because they’re undergoing a cover change for republication. I will see what I can do about getting you a copy of both. If I have some left, I can probably just send them to you.


      1. Hello! Thank you much for responding!! I was able to find The Game paperback books on BN Market (waiting delivery) as well as Fated. Fated was good but I gotta tell ya the h got on my last nerve. LOL. Thanks again for the reply.

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