Breaking Grammar Rules like a Bada$$

I recently had someone DM me on Instagram that, while they enjoy my books, I use past participles incorrectly, and it bothers them.

So, look…I'm sorry it bothers you. If you're a grammarian ::lifts pinky:: like I am (outside of writing fiction novels), sometimes that can be jarring. However, unless it's a glaring typo or misspelling/incorrect word, I'm intentionally breaking those grammar rules.

More things you might find, as an FYI:

  • I split infinitives.
  • I use conjunction starts.
  • I end sentences with prepositions.
  • I'm married to the em dash, and I'mma stand beside it.
  • I use fragments like it's a limitless credit card.

I appreciate you reaching out.

Even when it comes to actual errors, authors know, and we agonize.

The thing is, errors show up in books published by Avon and Simon & Schuster as well, and they've got money-money.

Just so you know, I'm probably going to keep participling my pasts and junctioning the functions of my conjunctions. I break some grammar rules primarily to mimic everyday speech, as I've found that it makes fiction easier to read in terms of a general audience.



5 thoughts on “Breaking Grammar Rules like a Bada$$

  1. Hey KAW!

    I hope all is well. Great reply!

    Sorry, not sorry—please keep on breaking grammar rules, I’m loving every word/sentence/paragraph. 😄 This is how your characters speak—duh. I/We LOVE your books. Keep ’em comin’! 😁

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  2. insert slow hand clap

    TJ Jackson205-541-7676IG: TDJX2FB: Tdjx Too


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  3. As long as you keep givin’ me these fictional hot men and good stories…do whatcha like! I appreciate when dialogue is written the way people speak. It makes it flow easily in my head when I’m reading. I appreciate you!

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  4. *Applause to you and your response* Real readers know that writers write for their characters to speak, not to follow rules and speak the Queen’s English. Keep doing you. YOU are appreciated!🙌🏾

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