A Fighting Chance


So, I've been MIA, but you all already know what that means. 

I'm writing.

Technically, I'm always kind of writing, but I've been trying to do new things like sleeping, eating, and leaving my house. I tend to get significant tunnel vision when working on a story, and once I'm locked on, I'm locked on, but I'm trying to do better. However, I promised to return A Fighting Chance to Amazon in order to complete the republishing of the OG Angels and Assassins books, and guess what?

It'll be here next month.

Better late than never, eh?

Also, I'll be honest—although I wrote it, I wouldn't say I'm proud of the first version. Joel is a joy to write, and I felt like I could do better. Therefore, this AFC is a new story that better fits within the A&A timeline. 

At least, I hope it does. This timeline is like I'm in the ring with Muhammad Ali. Me. Not me as Tyson, Frazier, Holyfield, Laila…nope. I'm in the ring about to get my a$$ floated like a butterfly.

AFC is the novella that leads into Joel + Ayesha's book, and I've got it up for pre-order here. It somehow already has a review, which isn't supposed to be the case on a pre-order, but Amazon has been all over the place lately. 

On account of my "tenure" in the writing dungeon, it's only recently that I learned exactly how unexpectedly low the Kindle Unlimited payout was last month, which meant having to do some Excel gymnastics. In addition, I'm now seeing that some authors' books were removed from sale because they were pirated and placed on illegal websites. Amazon took the pirated books as being published elsewhere, which violates Kindle Unlimited's policy. It's unfortunate because Amazon is so much more powerful, it would be nice to have them in our corner to go up against these piracy sites.

Although Amazon/KDP and I have had a tete-a-tete, or ten, they've always managed to come through for me, so I only hope that continues to be the case. It's a bad time to take away authors' incomes, even temporarily.

Anyhoo, back to AFC.

Now, I know a few of you were probably hoping for a Joel & Sydney reunification, but my brain & fingers have spoken. Plus, you have to admit, Joel and Ayesha, especially when you toss in Theo and Josiah, are just 😍 😍 😍.

I hope you can find it in your hearts to still have love for little ol' me (even a teensy bit) lol.



P.S. – I'll be back soon with a life update. I've made some terrifyingly huge changes in the past couple of months, which meant stepping out on faith. What I've learned is that people can mean well, but at the end of the day, they'll always do what's best for them. Sometimes, you have to take a page from their playbook.

There's this line in a Beverly Jenkins book where the character says that she never lived life how she wanted to, so now that she's older, she doesn't have memories. Only regrets. 


That's 100% my story if I don't make some changes. 

Has anybody ever been there? Like you're in a hammock with hope on one side and fear on the other, but each time you try to get out, no matter which direction, you only get further caught up in a knot?


4 thoughts on “A Fighting Chance

  1. Love the series hope they make them into a tv series or a movie!!!!

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  2. Hey Alex, sending love and thanks for sharing with us! I know that life stuff can often derail the creative process, so it’s impressive that you’ve still got a book release scheduled for next month. Speaking for myself, I appreciate everything that you create, but also value you as a human being. I hope that the changes you are making for yourself will bring you the peace that you absolutely deserve. πŸ’›

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  3. I hear and understand all that you are saying, as I am a much, much older version of the Jenkins character. I don’t have a lot of memories, but I don’t live with the regrets. For each decision I have made where I knew I was going to have give up part of me, I forced myself to really think about it and know that if I thought I would live to regret it to not do it. I have to hold myself to that committment each day I grow much more older. You sound as if you have a lot of inner strength, so you will be okay! πŸ€—

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  4. I love this series. Especially Giorgio, Aleski and Mo. You need to write another sequel to the Darkest Knight. Also another book to your mafia series. Knight for a Queen was wonderful. Keep writing! Thank you, Judith😎

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