It’s Release Day!

The last person Miguel Reyes wants to fall for is Delilah Daniels.
Of all the people in the world, this is who fate is trying to lead him to?
His overprotective best friend’s younger sister?

But he’s never felt anything like this in his life.
Delilah could live in his blood, and she still wouldn’t be close enough.

Together, they’re a perfect mix…
as well as unstable elements on the brink of explosion.
Trying to stay away only pushes them back together even more intensely than before.

She’s his.
He’s hers.
It’s either succumb or be destroyed.

And they can’t seem to do a thing about it.

Published by K. Alex Walker

I'm a romance-loving writing junkie whose primary aspiration is to craft stories full-time on my laptop while people-watching at Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, and the beach.

3 thoughts on “It’s Release Day!

  1. Already read😁. Had to read the end to ensure there wasn’t a cliffhanger. Sorry, after she was confused with Oliver I almost had a heart attack. Loved seeing the other characters especially OB, and how there stories connected. You never disappoint. Continue to produce awesome work. Have a great day

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