Breaking The Code – An Excerpt

Things felt too perfect, and it was the kind of perfect that usually resulted in neither of them truly getting what they wanted.

“I do have a favor to ask.” His palm skimmed full length of her leg. “If I fail at this, if anything happens to me, keep your heart open.”

She frowned. “Happens to you like what?”

“Like if I get hurt. Or worse.”


“No, you won’t keep your heart open?”

“Miguel, shut up.”


“Please, just shut up.”

“Then let me ask you what I really wanted to ask.” He sighed, like he literally carried the weight of what he was about to say next. “And, fair warning, it’s selfish as hell.”

She silently stared at him, uninterested in offering a response after his last ridiculous request. As if she could promise him something like that when it would require her to think about losing him permanently.

“Date, if you want to,” he said. “Go out and have fun. As much as I might want to choke the shit out of any man who gets close enough to touch you, if you ask me to stay out of it, I’ll do my best to respect that. I love you. Jesus, I love you. So date, yeah, but while you’re gone…don’t fall in love with anyone else.”

Two weeks!!

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