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I’d like to do a giveaway for the weeks leading up to Moonlight Retribution’s release via my newsletter. 

As a reader, what are some goodies you find that you like to get from authors?

13 thoughts on “Giveaway Ideas

  1. This is not really a giveaway goody idea, but I would love to connect with you and others for another virtual author chat when time allows! This last year and some change has been chaotic for so many reasons, so it might be nice to reconnect!

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  2. I love paraphernalia such as mugs, cups, gift cards. I’m easy to please. I miss the author chat due to prior commitments (work), but I’m looking forward to the release date.

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  3. Signed copies, bookmarks, reading lights, wine glass charms (for when I am enjoying a glass of wine while I read), and canvas bags.

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  4. I’ve seen a few authors give bookmarks, magnets, signed books, etc. Recently, which I thought was a cool idea, an author I follow made face masks with her brand that she gave in a random giveaway.

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  5. Hi,
    Giveaway ideas: well Amazon gift cards or gift card to your favorite place would be good, any type of trinket related to the book (book mark with a quote from the character) and maybe a tee shirt. Looking forward to Moonlight Retribution.

    Thank you,

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