Cast Your Vote! Pavel Volkov

Who should be on the cover of Book 2? Naturally, I have a favorite šŸ˜, but I’ll be quiet.

14 thoughts on “Cast Your Vote! Pavel Volkov

  1. Hey KAW!

    You had to go and make this easy … yeah, right. You know I can’t pick just one, so I select the following: B or G, they are giving me that rugged, manly look I’m very, very fond of.

    I liked A and E but they look too young to be trusted right hand men. D is cute, but no to him. I love F but his long hair eliminated him and he’s giving off a Tarzan vibe. I like C but he’s too book cover popular.

    All in all you got great eyes for good looking men. Well done.ā˜ŗ

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