International Series – Book II

I did, however, include those names for a reason.

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I’ll also be holding a cover model contest starting this Friday because 1) it’ll probably be fun; 2) I’m tangled in a mental relationship with Dom’s cover model and need help seeing other men; 3) I’m curious about how everyone else sees Pavel Volkov as I didn’t include anything too demographic about him in Prince of the Brotherhood. 

5 thoughts on “International Series – Book II

  1. Heck Yeah!!! Pavel was pretty devoid of any true structure, but it felt like he was possibly closer to Yuri’s age since there was trust built. But the kid angle…could easily take away 10 years… maybe. Anywho, here is what my mind conjured up due to his ability to “detach” from his son, but was still loyal. I’ll start with the younger ones(Damian Lewis, Michael Fassbender and, Dominic Cooper). If he’s older(Liam Neeson, Kevin Costner, Jeff Bridges, Mads Mikkelsen, and the OG silver fox Sam Elliott). That’s just my opinion. The fact that he was able to have his son at the end was pretty priceless.

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  2. Hi KAW:

    Yeah, I totally understand your dilemma. Dom (or in the words of Octavia Spencer … Mr. Yum Yum) is downright delicious! It’s difficult to think about another man gracing your book covers in the future, there is only HIM.

    Pavel! Yes, I remember him. I picture him manly with a very interesting face (a la Scott Glenn or Vondie Curtis-Hall), craggy but attractive, not necessarily drop dead gorgeous. Woman are drawn to him, based upon how he carries himself, the danger and confidence and innate sexiness (without trying) he exudes. People know he’s not a man to be trifled with, without major repercussions and they don’t want to get on Pavel’s bad side or maybe they do?!☺

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  3. It takes a strong man to be an agent living with a devil and not losing yourself. He fulfilled his promise to avenge his family and protect his son. I wondered if Yuri was grooming Nikolai to take over the business knowing he was planning to have Dom take the fall. I wondered about that. The plot was really good, I was tempted to read the end before I completed the entire book. Who were Dom’s friends in Sweden and why is Eija estranged from her sister?

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    1. Hi Golda:

      If memory serves me correctly–Eija’s sister slept with Eija’s then college boyfriend, whom she then went on to marry and have two kids with him … so she’s NOT winning any sister of the year awards. Having said that, a part of me felt she could be trusted with Eija’s most precious gift. I say that because Eija’s sister wants to heal their relationship. The other part of me understood it was probably better that the gift was surrounded by professionals.


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