WIP Update – Cover Reveal

She’s a spy. He’s her target. The day former intelligence operative, Eija Barrett, stepped foot inside Interpol headquarters, she’s had one main objective—infiltrate and dismantle the largest sect of the Russian Mafia, run by the renowned Yuri Sokolov, based in Moscow. Each attempt by the agency, so far, has failed. Nearly all the agents InterpolContinue reading “WIP Update – Cover Reveal”

Episode 05: The Man of My Dreams, The Man From My Dreams

Mature (18+) Audiences. Contains bad words and sex-y scenarios. The Man of My Dreams, The Man from My Dreams “Ayesha, I have to kiss you right now.”  “Adrían, I’m not looking for anything serious.” “I know.” Adrían pushed her back against the car, her face between his hands. “But I’m going to kiss you, anyway.”Continue reading “Episode 05: The Man of My Dreams, The Man From My Dreams”