Some Angels and Assassins Fun

Can you guess who’s who?

This is difficult.

I know it is since it was not very easy finding pictures close to the muse(s) in my head. I came as close as I possibly could.

However, I’m curious as to whether anyone can get/guess these in the right order. If you can, I’ve got a $25 Amazon gift card for you…because this is difficult (at least, if you don’t know all of the names).

17 thoughts on “Some Angels and Assassins Fun

  1. 4–Mikey Jr.
    3–Gio & Mo’s son
    6 & 8–Taylar & Gate’s sons

    I had memory lapse with some of the names

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  2. Hi KAW!

    Here’s my list order:

    1. Thandie

    2. Monroe

    3. Ty

    4. Mikey J.

    5. Theo

    6. Grey

    7. Josiah

    8. Aleksi


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  3. Mocomath

    1 – Thandie
    6 -Ari Son
    4.- Mikey
    7- Josiah
    8 – Gge Son
    6 – Aleksey
    5- Theo
    3- Ari Son
    2 – Monroe

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  4. First off…let me say, this was HARD. I went in thinking “I got this!”. I was wrong. Lol. Here goes:

    1. Thandie
    2. Monroe
    3. Theo
    4. Mikey J
    5. Grey
    6. Ty
    7. JoJo
    8. Aleksi

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