Sorry for the confusion!

But Joel has a book!

I didn’t realize how long I’ve had this series, but that’s where Joel and Sydney come in.

It came out in July of 2016!

Click the picture to be taken directly to the link.

If I can ask you guys one favor: Please find me a man so I can stop falling for characters.

8 thoughts on “Sorry for the confusion!

  1. The story of Joel and Sydney was good, but it left a lot of unfinished business that I figured was to be settled in the other books. I believe your after end series finally settled all the questions I had about this couple. The pair up with Ayesha, while bittersweet, was a good one. Strange, how real life works sometimes, so your books are mirroring what we oftentimes see as we live our lives.

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  2. Oh gosh, I read Sydney and Joel story but like the other readers it just didn’t connect. Can’t wait for Joel and Ayesha story to begin, love their chemistry.

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