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I was asked about releasing some sort of guide/folio/compendium to keep up with the Angels and Assassins characters. I've actually never done one of these. Also, since I created them, it's easier for me to keep them all in my head about who's who and what child goes where. 

So, what would be most helpful for you guys to add to the guide? 

Let me know what you need!

13 thoughts on “An Assassin Guide

  1. The only thing I would like to the guide are pictures of the people that inspired the main characters.

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  2. Have the guide accessible so i can link it to new readers yrs and please put all the books on the guide. To read your books is an experience no other author can offer. Trust i have tried they just aren’t cutting it. You can never retire.

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  3. I totally agree with Staci, and assassins guide with everyone in it would definitely be most helpful, and I do agree that sometimes pictures of your muse is helpful with that being said the picture I believe he used for Giorgio don’t change it. Identify Georgio’s character with that picture.

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      1. Yes, I do, he’s got that just look about him, that says if you look or mess with me you forfeit your life type of look!!

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  4. Hi Alex, the only other thing I would like for you to add to your guide is the bomb playlists of music that you associate with each book. I also agree that you must NEVER stop bringing readers joy with your storytelling, as only you can do. You have mastered your craft, and it shows in every book, they keep getting better and better. I Thank You. Now can we please get another book from this series… It’s absolutely amazing❣

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  5. Dear K Alex Walker, I am a big FAN whose only complaint is that you can’t write fast enough for me! Your work is just that good!. I don’t think a guide is necessary since I read a couple your of books in the series out of sequence. They stand alone and I even found the experience kind of like reading a couple of prequels. However, if you do write a guide, why not make it interesting by adding little know facts and/or deleted scripts on the characters. One other helpful thing I did was to re-read the series after book#5 to pick up a better understanding once each guys story was told. That was great for me too, it was like visiting old friends! Thanks again and PLEASE KEEP writing!

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  6. Hi I feel there needs to be a book about the gang all together. I’m thinking the wedding of Gage and Taylor I kind of want to be present at their wedding since they are my favorite couple. I’m sure everyone has their but since the series began with them no matter how much I love the other couples they are my number one. Book 2 felt like a cliffhanger to me are we getting an ending. Love your book much.

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