O.B. Daniels

He didn’t say anything. He never had to. He had that practiced look. That “you’re always on my mind” look, and it was hard not to buy-in. 

Orylin Brian: We’re about to cast a shadow over Scotland with our black asses. Carson doesn’t have enough family to balance us out.

She bit down on her bottom lip so she didn’t laugh out loud and call extra attention to their table.

Orylin Brian: By the way, I know you won’t believe me, but when you got out of the car, a brother got some old school butterflies.

I always get so frustrated (and confused) when I hear, over and over, “He doesn’t like black girls.” I don’t hear that nearly as much for any other demographic when I’m over here drooling over all types of men. Fine is fine is gorgeous is gorgeous is beautiful.

2 thoughts on “O.B. Daniels

  1. FIRST! How dare you make me reread the first three pages three times 😂. SECOND!! OOOBEEEEEEE!! Baby when I tell you HOOD WOMAN in me wanted do something for babe! THIRD!! Thank you for touching this subject. So very needed.

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