No Feelings Allowed – A Contemporary Romance

I have a full-length holiday release planned for the 21st of December called No Feelings Allowed. The main characters, OB Daniels and Samantha Norwood, are minor characters from Seducing the Boss, and it’s an African American contemporary romance.

And yes to all who asked. The next After the End series will be Joel and Ayesha.

Quick excerpt from “No Feelings Allowed.”


* * * * *


This is scandalous.

Fingertips skimmed the inside of Samantha Norwood’s thigh. Warm breaths traveled over the lower portion of her stomach, reaching her navel.

This is madness.

Strong fingers traced her jawline, her temple. An even stronger tongue stroked hers, probing her mouth. This was, apparently, a kiss, but she’d never been kissed like this. This was an entire exploration. He wasn’t kissing her for pleasure. He was kissing her so she forgot every other man in her nearly four decades of life who’d ever attempted anything remotely resembling a lip-to-lip exchange.

“O.B., I—”

“Shh.” He smiled against her mouth. “It’s okay. I’ve got you.”

Both men were drunk.

So drunk.

They had to be.

It was the only way to explain why two friends, who’d sworn up and down this would never happen, were both there with her, one of them between her legs and the other’s mouth treating her to something that should never again, in life, be classified as a kiss.

And why this wasn’t their first time doing it.

She’d been joking, mostly, when she’d told her best friend, Tamika Boone, that a threesome with two men was one of the goals on the bucket list she’d created after receiving her diagnosis.

She was a preacher’s daughter.

Their church had thrown a virginity pledge dance when she was sixteen, and she’d solemnly sworn to her father she wouldn’t “give it up” unless she had a ring on her finger. And, she’d kept that promise. It was just too bad the ring went from shiny and polished to bloody and tarnished in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

O.B. Daniels and Miguel Reyes. They were friends of Carson Hollister’s, Tamika’s fiancé. The three of them met at a Christmas Eve Celebration Party several months back O.B. threw for Carson for landing a multi-million dollar book deal.

She’d watched them toss back drinks until, eventually, they became tangled in a silent competition about which one would be better for her. Miguel was the crooner type, promising her days filled with romance and pampering in a way that made her think of Shakespeare and sonnets.

O.B. was…not like that.

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  1. This story needed to be told. Thank you 😊. Best Christmas present. Didn’t get any sleep, stayed up reading this instead.

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