Q & A – November 14th

I've been getting some really good questions about Elias The Wicked (especially about Kennedy), so I'm planning a Q&A. I haven't decided if it'll be video or chat-based yet; it depends on what's easiest for everyone. This is just my quick announcement (I'll follow up with details later) so everyone can get their questions ready. I'll keep my schedule open for two hours as well so we can fit more chat/discussion in if you want to talk about even Mike’s series. I’m game. Bring your snacks, wine, frustrations…what have you. I intend for this to be a safe space for everyone.

2 thoughts on “Q & A – November 14th

  1. Please, PLEASE LET IT BE LIVE! Not sure how you feel about Zoom. I really don’t do FB but will if I need to. Yes, let’s wine and chat. What a wonderful read!

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