Episode 8: Love And Lies

Mature (18+) Audiences. Contains bad words and sex-y scenarios.

They spent a few hours hanging out with Ayesha, Theo, and Josiah before she dropped them off at their villa which wasn’t too far from her house. On the ride, Xara had tried to focus on the beautiful scenery of Hawaii, but she kept seeing Mike walking from the treeline at the edge of Ayesha’s property. Then, him looking down at his phone on their ride to the house. It had to do with work. He got a certain look on his face whenever he read something work-related. With any other man, she would have likely thought he was having an affair. Some days, she wondered if an affair would have been easier to deal with.

It was hard to see Ayesha go. It was hard to know that while everyone else lived on the mainland and got together regularly, she spent most of her time alone with her boys.

Mike walked up behind Xara and wrapped his arms around her. She leaned back against him slightly, admiring the beautiful water views from the patio balcony attached to their bedroom suite. 

“How are you liking it so far?” His warm breath brushed the sensitive skin on her ear. “Feeling relaxed yet?”

“I’m getting there.”

Something firm poked her in the butt. She pushed back against it, situating her body in the cradle of Mike’s pelvis. A groan caused another breath, even hotter, to flit across her ear. They were on the second story of the villa, which wasn’t as high as the highest place they’d ever made love, but she didn’t think there would ever come a day where she’d volunteer for them to have sex from any high point.

Participate, yes, but never suggest.

He lowered his head to her neck, his hands to the button on the front of her jeans. When his soft lips met her skin, she shuddered. His warm tongue followed, and she whimpered. The mix of the beautiful island, the clean scent in the air, the beach view, and their gorgeous accommodations acted as its own form of foreplay. She was already wet and aching by the time he pulled down her jeans and panties and helped her step out of them.

She kicked the shed clothes out of the way. 

“Did I scare you in the car?” he asked, slipping two fingers along her slit.

“A little bit.” Xara gripped the balcony railing and leaned forward, pushing back into the movement. “I’m working on it.”

The two fingers slipped inside her, slipped out, in and out, over and over until she was thrusting back to meet them. She felt him lower and then, his teeth on the sensitive flesh of her ass, the movement of his fingers never slowing. 

“I thought you liked dangerous men,” he teased. “Arch your back a little bit more.”

She sucked in a breath, held it, and dipped her back, preparing herself. Still, she cried out when he latched onto her clit. It was a mystery how he made his mouth so hot, flicked his tongue fast when she needed fast and wrapped it around her clit when she needed pressure. 

“Mmm, mmm, mmm.” He dragged his tongue along the seam of her sex. “You taste like that fruit we had for lunch. Pineapples, mangos, honeydew melons.” He wedged his hand between her thighs, forcing them to spread a little wider. “I could stay down here all day.”

She didn’t have all day.

She barely had the next two minutes.

She rested her forehead on one of the hands gripping the railing. In this position, she could see Mike behind her. She could see his head bobbing, tongue swirling. He’d shoved his jeans down over his hips and stroked his dick while tongue-fucking her, pushing his thumb against the fat tip with each motion.  

Her climax hit without building, without warning. It simply crashed, rocking into her. Rocking herHad it not been for the railing, she would’ve collapsed.

He stood, fist still pumping. 

She wanted him in her throat, but she wanted him inside her more. They had more than enough time for her to repay the pleasure later. 

He positioned at her entrance. She started to tell him that they should switch positions because it would be easier for conception, but the little fertility angel on her shoulder reminded her that the point of this vacation was to make things less clinical. It was supposed to be sex without a plan, without timing it around her ovulation. There would be no temperature checks and no apps. 

He pushed in, slowly, that thick head stretching and preparing her for the rest of the length. It took him no time to catch his rhythm considering she was wetter than the ocean that lay in the distance. 

“I-missed-this.” Each syllable was a quick force of air from her lungs. “Straight fucking. Just fucking.”

He groaned, fingers sinking deeper into her hips. “Me too.”

Yes, baby.”

“Grab the railing for me.”

She steadied her grip. When he pulled out, she felt the departure of every sweet inch and shamelessly whimpered. 

“Why’d you stop?”

He slipped his palms over the sides of her thighs, caressing in circular motions, distracting her from the fact that he was moving lower. 

He grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs around his hips. “Know all those core exercises we did together?” He entered her again, hard. “They’re about to pay off.”

“Mike…” They’d tried the wheelbarrow position before. This was like that, except she hadn’t been holding on to the edge of a railing. There was no fear that one slip and she’d go tumbling over. 

Why did he do these things?

Why did the fear turn her on?

Oh God. 

With her body angled this way, he was able to go so deep, he tapped into a hidden part of her. 

So good.

“You were, about to, say something, baby?” he asked, and she knew there was a sly, arrogant smile on his face.

Her clit swelled. 

A shaky cry tore from her chest. 

The water, the trees, the sky…they all faded away. All she knew and felt, smelled and tasted, was pleasure.

At some point, he came.

She didn’t know when. 

When she came to, they were in bed. His arms were around her, and she had the nagging feeling that something she was supposed to remember had been fucked out of her.

The doorbell rang.

The doorbell at their vacation villa.

Mike pushed up in bed. “The fuck? Who knows we’re here? Housekeeping shouldn’t be showing up until tomorrow.”

Xara yawned, the back of her hand hovering over her mouth. “It's probably your surprise.”

“My surprise?” He raised a brow. “Is it another girl?”

She shot him a look. “No.”

“It better not be another fucking dude, Xar.”

“But you’d be okay with another woman?”

“I’m not letting any man put his dick in my wife.” He shrugged. “Period.”

She sat up in bed and swung her legs over the edge. “And you think I’d let you just slip into some other woman’s pussy? I mean, what if you like it and try to get some on the side? What if it’s better than mine?”

He burst out laughing and flopped back down on the bed. It had been such a long time since she’d last seen him laugh like this, from the belly and without a devil in his ear. 

“Right. You obviously don’t know your husband if you think that can happen.”

“Never say never.”


Xara went to the closet, grabbed one of the complimentary bathrobes, and wrapped it around her body. “Babe, I did say it was your surprise. Put on some clothes and let’s go.”

The bell rang again.

He slipped into a robe. She started for the hallway, but he rushed up behind her, picked her up, and carried her, squealing and laughing, all the way to the front door. When he set her down, she stepped away from the door and gestured.

“Open it.”

He eyed her. “This better be a good surprise.”

“I’m always a good surprise!” a voice yelled from the other side. “Now, get off each other and open this damn door!”

Mike dragged the front door open. Val, sunglasses over her eyes and a purse tossed over her forearm, smiled wide. Behind her, Ant looked around the villa grounds in awe.

Xara spread her arms. “Surprise! Ant and Val are going to be spending a little time with us on vacation. About a week.”

She noticed him hesitate.

Val and Ant were some of their best and closest friends. He was obviously happy to see them.

But, she noticed him hesitate. 

Val rushed forward and he wrapped her up in a hug, squeezing tight. Then, Val was pushing at his shoulders and stepping back.

“What’s wrong?” Mike asked, eyes glittering with amusement.

Val’s gaze flashed over to Xara’s. “If I hug you, will you smell like sex too?”

“Yep, but,” Xara ran forward and wrapped her arms around Val, “there’s nothing you can really do about it.”

Val pretended to squirm before falling into the hug.

“Thanks for coming,” Xara said.

“Thanks for inviting us. We’ve been needing this.”

Mike and Ant slapped hands and hugged. When Ant hugged her, he picked her up off the floor.

“How’s our godson?” Mike asked, shutting the door.

“Amazing.” Val smiled with the pride of a new mother. “He’s with Momma. I have a whole bunch of new pictures to show y’all later.”

Xara took her hand. “Come on. I’ll show you guys to your suite. The rest of your stuff’s only a few minutes out.”

Ant was still looking around, neck craned. “This how y’all been living?”

“A li’l bit.” Mike shrugged. “Nothing but the best for my baby.”

“Hey, hey. Don’t say that. Might give Val ideas I can’t afford.”

Val shrieked and peered around their suite's open doorway. “Ant, we have to stay here on our next vacation.”

Ant groaned, rubbed his head, and joined Val and Xara.


* * *


Mike stared at the empty doorway, listening to Val’s oohs and ahhhs, and ran his fingers through his hair. It would have been simpler—not simple, but simpler—to hide the whole “hitman” situation from Xara alone. It was easier—not easy, but easier—to protect just Xara from whatever shitstorm was headed their way. While he loved having their best friends with them, he would be a lying man if he said their presence didn’t complicate things. 

Xara, laughing, stumbled from the room. When she spotted him, she stopped. The smile fell.

“What are you not telling me?”

“Nothing.” He pushed back on a sigh, keeping it deep in his chest. “I’m just ready for round two of eating your puss—”

“Xara!” Val dashed from the suite. “That tub can hold me, Ant, and at least four other people. You brought me here just to get pregnant again.”

Xara smiled, but he saw the little twitch of sorrow in her happiness. Val and Ant had conceived Adrian on their first try. Although she didn’t voice it, he knew Xara believed she was the reason they hadn't had any baby success. He’d had his sperm count checked and their OB said he was in optimal health. Xara had been given the same news, that she was a picture of health, but it had gone in one of her ears and out the other.

“Hopefully, at least one of us will,” Xara said. “You guys get settled in. We’re going out tonight, like the old days.”

Val disappeared inside the room.

“I’m going to get cleaned up.” Xara stepped forward, pecked his lips. “You’re not okay. You don’t have to tell me why, but answer this…are we in danger here?”

He had no idea.

“No, we’re not. We’re on vacation.”

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

She slipped her fingers into the hair at his nape, and his erection popped up like a lever. “Want to come take a shower with me?” she asked. “Maybe get in the tub?”

“Fuck in the tub? Is that what you said?”

She giggled. “If push comes to shove.”

“It will.” He pressed another kiss against her lips, tongue sliding over the inside rim of the bottom half of plump flesh. “Go get the water started. I have to grab something.”

She scurried off. 

He headed to one of the paintings in the main living area. After a quick glance over his shoulder, he pulled it down off the wall, flipped it over, and detached a medium-sized tablet. Right before he and Xara got caught up on the balcony, he’d gotten a message on his watch that said to check the image that had been sent. 

It was a man in sunglasses and a green tracksuit at a baggage carousel at the international airport in Honolulu. The next image was the same man at an airfield chartering a small private plane.

“Mike?” Xara called. 

He replaced the tablet and hung the painting back on the wall. “I’m coming.”

On the way upstairs, he grabbed a small black pouch from a compartment in one of the built-ins.



Episode 9 – The American Assassin


Ant lifted his glass to his lips.

Mike grabbed his wrist. “Don’t drink that.”


“The server, she’s not who we had before and it wouldn’t be enough time for there to be a shift change already. Plus, we’re in VIP. We spent money to be here and she doesn’t try to get us to buy a bottle? Wings? Something?”

Ant frowned at his glass. “You’re right.”

One of the men, the lighter-haired one, tapped Xara on the elbow. When she turned around, she smiled at him—a habit Mike noticed she and other women had because uninvited contact from large men often made them feel like danger would follow—and she tapped her wedding band.

The man shook his head.

She turned away from him, facing Val again, but he wedged himself between the women to demand Xara’s full attention.

Ant set down his glass. “Did that motherfucker just…? I’ll be right back.”

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  1. Ugh…Mike….*sigh*
    I get why he’s trying to protect Xara’s peace-of-mind during this vacation especially, but obviously she’s realized something is off. There is a struggle there, for sure, between what I assume he hopes is her blissful ignorance versus fear-filled reality. It will be interesting to see if the dynamics of protector vs partner that Mike and Xara are struggling with will be touched on in the upcoming episodes.

    I think Gio and Mo were another wonderful example of that dynamic, but the way that it plays out for them is very different than the way it will with Mike and Xara. Mo has the same skillset as the team members, so while Gio will always protect her and Aleksi, he also trusts her as his partner who can handle the darker nature of his (their) profession. Due to that, they have an openness that supports them both. They are a pretty unique duo, so it’s not surprising that the other team members have to navigate their own relationships with different challenges and dynamics, even with the similar work factors.

    Lastly, I appreciate how consistent and three-dimensional each character is. By that, I mean you can really see how Mike’s childhood upbringing as a “lone wolf” continue to influence his decision making, even after he has spent years as part of a team that he trusts with his life. He is used to carrying his burdens alone and protecting Xara the same way, but as they’ve already started to explore in therapy, that isn’t sustainable for their marriage.

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