[Update] – Elias The Wicked

Elias The Wicked is with the editor, so that means I’ll have a release date soon. It’s part of the Myths, Legends, and Monsters Series, but the series is an anthology series which means there’ll be new characters each time–each book is a standalone.

I can honestly say I’m in love with Kerah’s personality. My goal in The Gatekeeper was to create an immersive world-building experience. My goal in Elias The Wicked is to make you fall in love. Like…all the f*cking way in love.

I don’t think I’ll ever not be nervous before a big release. I don’t have butterflies in my stomach. These is cicadas.

This was another fruit, something that had an explosive sweetness to it, like eating candy but without the table sugar taste. Whatever it was, he’d gotten it ripe and in season. As he pulled his finger from my mouth, another dribble of juice trickled down my chin which he lapped up as well.

“What’s that one?” he asked.

“I’m not sure.” I licked my lips. “Tastes like this passionfruit juice I used to drink growing up.”

“It is passionfruit.” 

I parted my lips. 

He laughed. “You must really like this.”

“I’m waiting for my favorite fruit.”

“And that is?”

“You’ll know when you get to it.”

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