The Darkest Knight #4


Contains bad words and sex-y scenarios. Mature (18+) audiences only.

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Gage stomped through the Malibu mansion he shared with his wife, calling her name despite both him and Giorgio already realizing neither Tayler nor Mo were there.

“Tay, answer me, love!”

They’d checked both houses, as well as both houses’ panic rooms, but it was clear no movement had been made at either location in over twenty-four hours. Their cell connection had also been blocked, and Julien was still on his way back home to the DC area. Until he landed, there would be no way to get in contact with Mo and Tayler to find out where they were hiding. There was also no way for them to reach out.

Gage stopped at the bottom of the staircase, released a harsh breath, and ticked his head back. “Your wife’s an assassin. My wife is freakishly good with firearms. I shouldn’t be worried.”

“She is wife, not, how you say . . . fuck-buddy,” Giorgio reminded. “So, we worry.”

“Getting married in this profession was probably the dumbest move I’ve ever made in my life.” Gage’s gaze continued to dart around as if the women would suddenly manifest. “I unnecessarily brought one of the most amazing people in the world into this dangerous bullshit. A million years from now, I still won’t deserve a woman like Tay.”


“And then we had a fucking son. A child. Giorgio, we deal in the business of death. Why bring a child into this mess?”

Ljubovʹ zla, poljubišʹ i kozla.”

Gage glanced his way. “I understood love, evil, and goat.”

“We do not control love,” Giorgio translated. “Is not something we can do, even with knife and gun. I did not want it, but my Bez is not normal woman.”

A smile cracked at the corner of Gage’s mouth.

“Woman is dangerous,” Giorgio added. “But mother is deadly.” They will protect. My Little Fish and your Grey.

Giorgio didn’t feel as calm as the front that he was putting on, but he needed to stay calm to clear his head. Gage hadn’t picked up on it yet, and Gage usually picked up on everything.

Somebody was in the house.

They’d followed them from the farmhouse where he and Bez lived.

Giorgio reached toward the wire at his waist and unclipped a throwing knife. The minute the shadow appeared at the sliding doors, he turned and released it. The figure gasped, grabbed its throat, and went stumbling to the floor.

A bullet sizzled past his ear, through the glass, and lodged itself into another body just stepping around the corner.

A person dressed in black appeared on the stairs behind Gage, and Gage stepped around them at the last minute, grabbed the back of their neck, and released the trigger of his pistol with the nozzle pressed against the person’s midsection. The body went rolling down to the bottom of the stairs.

“How many?” Giorgio asked.

“There’s a least one more.” Gage looked around. “Where you at, mate? And what the fuck did you think would happen here today?”

Giorgio tilted his head, listening . . . and then he heard it. A shaky exhale.

The stink of fear perfumed the air. He marched toward the kitchen and found their last visitor there, their gun raised, the nozzle shaking.

“They send child to do man’s work?” he asked. “Go ahead. Shoot.”

They were all wearing masks so he couldn’t tell if he was dealing with a man or woman. The space around their eyes was light, probably peach in color when they weren’t being pumped with adrenaline. The way they moved revealed their inexperience. Why someone would send anyone inexperienced after him, Bez, Gage, or Tayler was beyond comprehension. They’d probably been expecting some kind of negotiation, assuming he and Gage had come here because that was where the women would be.

The intruder released a shot. In the time it took for the shot to miss him, by a wide margin, he’d made his way over to them.

Giorgio grabbed the gun and swiped the butt across the intruder’s face. They dropped to the floor and he squatted over them, tugging the mask off over their head. When he did, he realized he was staring into a face that looked a lot like his own.

Vater’s face.

“Please, do not hurt me,” the woman begged, hands clasped. She looked to be around his age, maybe a year or two older.

“Do not hurt you?” He jammed a blade through her upper arm. “What, you think, I am charity? I fucking will kill you.”

It was bad enough to come after him before he had something to lose.

It was worse now that he had two.

Gage walked over to them and crouched. “Hi there, love.”

The muscles in the woman’s neck strained against the pain of the blade in her arm.

“Don’t worry, the big man won’t kill you,” Gage reassured. “But, if you could do me a favor and let whoever sent you know that if there’s so much as one more indiscretion by your little organization’s party, there’ll be no mercy.”

The woman nodded.

Giorgio studied her face again. The dark features were so similar to his own, he wanted to end her just for looking like Vater.

He pulled the blade from her arm. She cried out until the metal was fully expelled. He and Gage then stepped back, giving her clearance to stand up.

Blood dripped down her arm as she climbed to her feet, anxious gaze darting between them. “You are really letting me go?”

“You must want to die,” Gage said. “Do you not understand? He will kill you.”

“I know that.” Her eyes scanned Giorgio from head to toe. “I never thought I would see you, Auserwahlte. Or meet you.”

Giorgio took note of the strong German accent.

She switched to German. “Mother, she speaks of you often.”

“I do not give a fuck about your ‘mutter,’” he answered, in English.

The woman licked her lips and then darted toward the front door. Gage and Giorgio watched her go, watched her black BMW SUV pull away from the house and speed down the road.

Gage slapped his back. “Don’t worry, mate. She’ll head right on back where she came from and we’ll track her using that piece you put into her shoulder.”

His watch chirped. An address popped up.

“Is Julien?” Giorgio asked.

“Yeah. He found them.”

They started for the door.

“You and Bez,” Giorgio said, shaking his head. “Let me kill. Is simple.”

“But we couldn’t kill this one, mate! We needed her to run back to her hive so we could track where they are.”

“No need for track if we kill all.”

Gage laughed. “We’ll do it your way next time.”


* * * *

Tayler hopped up and ran to the door at the sound of the doorbell. “It’s them, Mo,” she said. “It’s the guys.”

When the door opened and Mo saw her hubby standing there, she was grateful Aleksi was asleep in the other room. If not, she would have probably been holding him and wouldn’t have been able to rush Giorgio like she did. Jump into his arms. Plant kisses all over his face, making sure to pay close attention to the bruised spots he hadn’t left with.

She’d had a safe house set up in Anaheim long before she and Giorgio had hooked back up, and she’d been two weeks away from getting rid of it.

Now that this happened, she would hold onto it forever.

“Hi, baby.” She kissed his forehead, his cheekbone, the tip of his nose. “I missed you.”

He tilted her chin down so their lips could come together, first soft with relief because, between everything that had happened the last few days, they’d come close to never seeing each other again. Then, her fingers tangled in the silky strands of his hair. Then, he was kissing her harder, deeper, tugging and pulling whimpers and moans from her throat she couldn’t control even if she wanted to.

He walked them through the house, kicking in doors until he found a room with a bed. When her back hit the soft mattress, he hovered over her.

“Where is our Little Fish?” he asked.

“Asleep.” She pulled his shirt over his head. “He missed his daddy.”

“And you, Bez?”

She grinned. “Oh, I missed his daddy too.”

He stripped off her panties with one hand and slid her dress up around her stomach. She used her feet to lower the waist on his jeans. With them barely around his thighs, impatient, he pushed his way inside her.

Mo clawed at Giorgio’s back as his hips moved, his pelvis crashing against hers, his cock stretching and filling her.

“Gio. My Gio.” She hooked her ankles at the base of his spine. “Never leave me again.”

She didn’t care how desperate it sounded.

“Never, Bez.” She loved the way his voice sounded as he drove into her, straining with lust. “Never, I will leave you.”

He dragged his tongue across her neck, trailing it up over her chin before plunging it into her mouth, tasting and licking. Flicking at the corners before he covered her mouth with his, inhaling her like he couldn’t get enough. It was making love and fucking all in one. It was the kind of sex that spoke for them, expressing how much she missed him and him her through each connection of their bodies.

His grunts caused heat to crawl over her skin. And, between those grunts were quiet moans that let her know she was breaking him.

Or maybe that she’d already broken him.

“Fuck, Bez.” He growled, pulled out of her, used a hand against her hip to turn her over, and then plunged inside her again.

One of his hands remained at her hip while the other tangled in the curls on her head.

Tears of happiness and relief sprung from her eyes. “Gio, ne ostanavlyvaysya! Please, don’t stop!”

“I did not teach you this, bad girl.” He tugged. Her head snapped backward. “Again.”

Her climax began to build. “Ne ostanavlyvaysya.”


Ne ostanavlyvaysya.”

Warmth swirled inside her. He fucked her harder until she released, a surge of ecstasy that caused her nipples to tighten and her sex to throb. That forced her body to buck and bend and a pealing cry from her throat she knew Tayler and Gage were too busy themselves to care about.

“Oh God.” Her entire body shook. “Oh . . . baby.”

He tilted her back against his chest and pressed kisses along her spine. “Lyubimaya moya. My love. My Bez. Mine.”

“Did you come?”

He groaned a response.

“Oh no, we can’t have that.”

She lowered again, her forehead nearly touching the mattress, and started pushing her body back against his. Doing to him what he’d done to her.

“Fuck.” His hands massaged her hips and ass. “Beautiful, Bez.”

He grabbed her hips, taking back control.

She slipped her hand between her legs and her second orgasm, even stronger than the first, crashed at the same time she heard his deep, sexy groan. Like hell would she only get pleasure and not give it. Like hell would she not take every chance she could to bring that sound out of her man.

She collapsed onto the mattress, flipped over, and motioned for him to climb on top of her.

“Your clothes, Bez,” he said, pointing with his chin.

She pulled off her dress and he stepped the rest of the way out of his jeans and underwear. Then, he lowered onto her, warm against warm, his ear pressed against her heartbeat. In a minute, he would move to avoid crushing her under his weight. Until that happened, she basked in the sensation of her arms around him and her fingers in his hair.

“Tonight, is family,” he said. “Tomorrow, you will not stop me.”

She kissed the top of his head. “They threatened our child. I’m not stopping shit.”


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“He let you go? A hungry lion does not release its prey. Stupid girl, he has tricked you.”

Mo and Giorgio are from the book, “Angels and Assassins: The Dark Knight.”

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