The Darkest Knight #6

He rushed toward her, pushed her aside, and swiped the machete across the chest of someone who’d been coming up behind her. Before that person had a chance to fall, he’d already removed a throwing knife from his belt and tossed it. It landed with a thud and a groan in the shadows.

The Darkest Knight #5

The news had come as a surprise to her considering Giorgio had been trained out of close relationships. Anything resembling love or affection should have been virtually impossible for him to feel or show. They didn’t have any information on this deadly black woman, but that would change.

The Darkest Knight #3

They hadn’t seen the attack coming. The area, supposedly, had been secured, but Julien had picked up the missiles headed their way right at the last minute. Giorgio still didn’t know if all his comrades had been able to escape the roof and walls caving in on them.