The Darkest Knight – Online Series

My "After The End" online series returns in one week with the newest installment: The Darkest Knight.

“You think to leave you, Bez, is easy?” His brow rose, pushing the scar that slashed through it into his hairline. “I do not like to be away from you.”

Mo played with one of Aleksi’s little feet, keeping a count in her head of how much more tummy time he had left. She put on her best a Russian accent.

“I know this. I try to make better.”

He smiled. “You want other baby.”

“Not so soon.”

“Your mouth saying Russian words, using Russian tongue . . . it will give you other baby.”

2 thoughts on “The Darkest Knight – Online Series

  1. Yaasssss…I am soooo here for this! I can’t wait!

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  2. Diona Williams 01/14/2020 — 4:00 pm

    I am friggen’ excited! Thank you!

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